Its OK

JF has taken a 10 minute breather....But i think his alter-ego Matt has given him a high 5's on the way in!

jackeen's Missus said:
Oh jaysus did ye see JF's new avatar?

Missus :eek:

Yeh.....i see it........Do you like his new look?

I think your stylist did wonders with his barnet fair!:banana:
Matt, that's 'Smokey and the Bandit' you nobend!
And that's 'Boogie Nights'! nobber:no:
I bet his keyboard is red hot (trying to find JJ)

I found loads of JJ, you wanna try and find the Doc!...I got it off his RIP site in the end
Matt said:
I know that too!! But I thought missus might like some naked flesh.

She's got a few acres of her own:bolt:
Who's gonna be Mr Foyt?

Or the Greek,

Or Jamie Blake,

Or Farrah Fawcett (everlasting image of her in the nightclub):shag: must have been very cold!
Come on Chaos...get the cape back on!!
Matt said:
I reckon yours is not a cannonball photo either, you nobber.
And 'is name is Helsing, not Helsin. :bang:

Couldn't find one with him in the white coat.
Maximum allowable characters in title.

'Appy now nobba?
Here ya go nob


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OH feck! just came in from the scunk works, and posted as the aul woman (she's become a boatmadder this arfernoon:hatchet: )

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