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Mar 31, 2004
Weston Super Mare
Heres some pics of my P20 being Cyco'd


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dash isn't quite finished yet because we are still waiting for bits will post more when it happens
Custom Tabs @ 600mm long being fitted this weekend.
All outstanding parts due in tomorrow so busy weekend!!
Many custom parts being fitted to this one.
Should be alot better in the rough now:D :D :D

Will post some pics after the weekend will look good when finished.
There where alot of holes as you can see in the pics where differnet people had rigged it over the years, easier for us to start again with freash ideas.
Will be fitting a rosejointed dash board tie bar kit to this as well, find that the Phantom dash flex's a bit to much!
Will post some pics of three different P20 dashboards using a similar laser cut plate each with a different finish.

lovely wheel

how much and where can i get one of those steering wheels?
Rex marine Steering wheel.
Will cost you around £55.00 the billet centre cap is extra and availabe in a choice of colours.
The wheel is available in differnet dish depths as well.
The one shown in Robs boat is a deep dish wheel.
You may also need the extension boss that sits behind the wheel and fixes to the steering taper shaft (around £52).
Let me know if you need.

And if anyone needs any laser cutting I can help!!!:D :D :D
Dan fitted that switch yet.
If you haven't fitted your tabs yet PM me for the Tab drawing.
Direct replacment for Bennets.
Do you have single or dual rams.


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