deisel v petrol

Admiral P. Brain said:
where does your friend keep his Thunderhawks? would love to have a close look at one

It's two friends, not a friend with two boats.
One is at Drivers Wharf, one is at Itchen Marine, the one at Itchen has Graham and Jackie on it most weekends, so could get you a look at it easily.
JF that would be great if we could check one out, if you could ask on our behalf? thks Rob

will do some research on these new 350hp D6's at the boat show...
will do some research on these new 350hp D6's at the boat show... [/B][/QUOTE]

you might find out there lot of dosh
i've had a qoute for a new boat with this motor i think it went something like your having a laugh ,
rob around 27.500 but you no there's always a deal to be done
Remember a Yanmar retails at summat like 25k
hawk 37

mate in cobbs repowerd his 37hawk with twin kad42 230 hp boat ran 40-42 knots and red devils hunton 37 with twin kad42 runs
about the same so i've been told so with 700hp in 43 should be around 45 knots td pal andy edwards had a 41 hawk but not sure what performance that had or motors maybe tony will post answer
Andy's was a Tomahawk 41 (thunderhawk 43 hull) with Kad 42's (231hp) it did about 34 knots, so getting on for 40 mph with 462hp
Admiral P. Brain said:

we want o buy a sunseekr thunderhawk 43 and re-engine with these new D6 Volvos diesels 350hp with new DPX drives...
idea would be to charter this as well to cover some expenses...
but lifting of tax exemption could scupper our plans!!

Surely if you can claim the duty back on petrol when chartering, then why wouldn't you be able to do the same if they introduce duty on boat diesel?