Depth Finders Newbie advise


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Apr 16, 2005
More help needed as new to this boating thing.

Can some body advise me. I would like some kind of depth finder for my boat but do not wat to spend a fortune.

I have seen this one

Nasa Target 2 Depth £79.99

Only need it for my 14ft fletcher whilst I will be out skiing will this be ok for me????

Also can somebody advise on what sort of cost a boatyard should be asking to fit it???

Or would this better for the job

Eagle cuda 128 £76.95
I've got a brand new garmin fishfinder 80 on ebay at the mo, currently at 50 quid. I reckon they're pretty good for the money, only selling it cos I've had a change of plan, similar in price and performance to the eagle 128