Designers and Builders

i remember aqua jeep that was one ugly looking boat !
Tony Davis said:
Cirrus Stiletto
Tiger Shark
C Speed
Rum Runner
Aqua Jeep
Shetland Stratos

So who were the designers of that lot, and why so few sports boat builders now?

Cirrus Stiletto
Made by Cirrus Powerboats Ltd
Ridgeway Farm
I cant remember the designers name.
I used to have one 15 years ago, loved it, great fun and used to turn like nothing ive been in since.
Still got the old sales broucher.
Wacky Racer said:
What about Reiver Boats, built in Stanley, County Durham, excellent 16' powerboat, racedecks were really light, there was a knack to cornering them really quick.

From my useless files:

"The reiver was basically a modified ‘Alpha - Picton’ mould, but with the addition of some tarting up on the interior.
According to the plaque on mine It was manufactured by D.Craggs & Son. Tel Stanley 0207 232887. "

and then

"alan craggs is still trading in stanley co durham making sports and fishing boats and ribs of all sizes this phone number is 01207 283040"
Sims Super V (Douglas Sims)

Gav said:
im pretty sure Dave picton is owner designer of his range.....
simms also pretty sure
plancraft........couldnt say but thought they were family owned company who designed their own?

From their 1989 brochure:

<i>The Sims family have been boatbuilders since 1960, working first with wooden hulls before transferring to fibreglass.
Douglas Sims (founder and Managing Director) was already a circuit racing enthusiast when the sport of waterski racing arrived. He developed, designed and built a new boat for this exciting new sport; the Super V was born.
The design was immediately successful, both competitiively and commercially, and this led to its development into a complete range of boats, with models tailored to meet all needs.</i>

Company was based in Liversedge, then Dewsbury.

Also, another for the list: BW Marine Jetstar
Johnny Rocket said:
Keep up! I haven't been banned yet, and I posted that information ages ago!

My anonymous banned from Boatmad friend sent me a PM on Ribnet ( The worlds premier Boating website) and asked me to post it.

I wish my friends would learn tht they don't need to help me make a **** of myself.......I am doing just fine on my own!
designers and builders

temtress not designed by wrigglesworth but copy of northcraft; prosport is development of rapier as is ferryman and numerous other large ribs rapier being a development of a revenger hard boat prior to revenger building their own ribs, ribcraft designed by george marvin he also did some avons ,cobra ribs designed by david feltham ,ribtec 535 & 455 developed from water craft ri5 with their blessing designed by david steel i think as were the other water craft ribs .blagg 480 was also turned into a rib as i made the the tubes for woody blagg whilst at henshaws
Re: designers and builders

paul tilley said:
Prosport is development of rapier as is ferryman and numerous other large ribs rapier being a development of a revenger hard boat prior to revenger building their own ribs

I think Mike at Revenger must have been one of the first to feel the bitterness of being 'splashed', by the soon to be common 'overnight rib Co's'
That halfwit 'Bogy' from RIBnet/ribsters, just couldn't keep his beak out of it on the 'rib design' thread on ribnet!
He's probably been itching to post on the thread for days, and tonight, no doubt after a half of shandy bass, his courage was finally at high enough level, and BAM!!!!

As usual, he shows his envyable knowledge of the boating world.

JK had the aul axe out pretty sharp-ish.

Then 'Chrisarse' poped up with his masterpiece!

Not really too sure what prompted them to suddenly join in, but it's clear from the posts that they're a well matched pair, interlectually.

This is actually three posts from RIBnet stuck back together.

What a dfick.
I thought he was cool from previous Signature PM messages.
But I'm as pissed as arat so what do I know.
What a dick.
I thought he was cool from previous Signature PM messages.
But I'm as pissed as arat so what do I know.

i have just read the post on ribnet, what a load of crock!

its quite obvious its a p18 splash with very EASY modifications!
an admission of "cut n shut" closed:down:

We are building a plug at the moment(23') , been underway 5 weeks(team averaging 4 people) and its still another week away from moulding! This gives an idea what an original plug should be taking time wise.

Even if a hull was used as a basis there still is a certain skill level needed to produce a mould and product, Leeway quite obviously has the skill to do this...........BUT why say its a new inovative design of his own? :confused:
Tony Davis said:
Yeh, I'm told they put tubes on it and called it Pacific 22 :D :D :D

It's a sad sad thing for us ribbers that I have just found out that Vospers are rigging twnety Pacifics with remote control equipment so that they can be sunk in a live fire exercise.

I am gutted but I am sure it will amuse some of you guys!

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
I'm sad also, coz that's one fkkn outrageous waste of OUR income tax money!

never mind the fkkn hospitals, schools, and pensions, sink a million quids worth of new boats for target practice!

There's summat very, very fkkn wrong with this country!
They are not new so it's only 200,000k
that's ok then, coz that would only build one new hospital wing :bang: