Dino boost


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Sep 15, 2019
Afternoon all
Has anybody heard of/ experience of the Dyno Boost gadget for the mercruiser 350 Mag . They claim the holy grail ie 15 % more power and 6% better fuel.
My experience of chips in various cars has been patchy. Problem is too much is just enough!
I have a 350 Mag in my rib so keen to know the answer to this.....
I've not heard, but normally more power means more fuel !
They are a very basic engine with very little in the way of easy added power.
I believe Whipple also do a ECU tune.
If you find out any more information I would also be very interested.
If you want power the Whipple Supercharger is the only way forward for an add on. But at $12,000 its a big outlay. They claim over 120hp gain though !

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