Jon Fuller

Mar 12, 2004
Cruising area
South Coast
Boat name
Boat make
Phantom 28
anyone know of a dead cheap crane like this one knockin about?

(ignore the price, it's gotta be cheaper 'n' that!)
Nope but it could be useful. I'll go halfers with you if you find one.:)
Have a chat with Rogue I am sure he is also looking for one at this very moment.


That Crane looks military!!!

Be sure there is no gunpowder left over in it from desert storm!!

Got a nice Grove 16T 4X4 sat in the works... needs a little bit of work, re-roping and engine service.. don't want to part with permanently, but don't need for a year or so but could look at some loan type deal if someone's interested....
Here she is.....


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Hey Jono, in that pic, what are the fabrications on the floor in front of the crane? they look like Flares (as in refinery burn off thingy's) I used to be pally with a guy who made them down here, 'Petrel stainless steel', they sponsored a mate of mine in his race boat.
Refinery parts indeed.. but internal parts for the FCC unit.. :cheers:
Okay, Okay, It's a fair cop... They’re part of a cancelled order for a patented "Ribflikka" ordered by some dodgey geezer that appears to have done a runner....:mad:
Jono, I'm away at the moment, and My trout forgot to turn off the wireless network at home (I'm in REAL trouble now), so I can't access till later today.

One question tho' I'm assuming you have the block/hook thingy wot hangs on the end of the long string?...please say you have.
Jono I don't suppose you've got a Fkkn traktor as well have you?

No "feckin" tractor though..... Landy does most things I need ta!:D
Matt said:
I thought you'd already bought one? Have you already broken it?

Witham Specialist Vehicles do a volvo jobbie with a feckin huge winch on the front from 1750 quid+vat. The venture scouts at calshot have one I think. The good thing (IMHO) is that they are less fecked than a typical 'classic' or ex farm tractor of similar money, so the total cost of ownership is lower cos less bits need fixing.

I had a look at the page you linked to and couldn't see it!:laugh:
Jono, you have email.

Same age as me :aaahhh: :cry: :cry: :violin:

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