Don't Get Taken By People Using Boatmad To Rip You Off

Purple 21

Feb 15, 2013
Cruising area
Isle of Sheppey
Boat name
Boat make
Phantom 21 1990
Evinrude 250 HO
Nice one Hornet!

You saw me coming!!!!! no engine numbers, bits and pieces engine at best, wrong year if you believe the ECU 250hr?.

Which means you ripped me off, i have to change the engine as i no way of proving if its not stolen, which means i can't insure it, which means i can't launch it at my club as it has to be insured.

I am a nice trusting person, when someone turns up in a Golf to tow a P21 from Bromley to Southampton i say i will do it rather than see them have a accident. So why do scum bags rip me off!

You knew that engine was wrong!

This is warning to all that use this forum don't trust no one!

If you have a problem with what i said please PM!

PS if interested in a 225/250 opti max with no serial numbers let me know.
Link don't work P21!

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