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Mar 13, 2004
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can any one point me in the direction of some mac gaurd drive locks and can you get them for the lower units ?
Tony Davis has a bundle of McGaurd locks for sensible dough, dunno about lowers tho'.
i just spoke to sponge face and hes got loads........... he said to secure the lower unit you drill through the drive directly above one of the four bolts to fix the lock nut ....... [collecting boat from the docks today]
Simon is it coming over in the shipon an American trailer and if so do you want to move it on (the trailer)
Stu, don't forget it's a cat
im a bit slow to reply...... been polishing it for two days because they forgot too put the PROPS in the boat !!!! ..... Rowg..... if that was an offer to help move it thanks very much but i have managed to get it to the marina AND without any miss haps !!!!

I'd gladly help out but it was me trying to buy your Yankee trailer(if you were replacing it) as I needs a launching trolley for a Fkkn big rib

rowg waiv said:
...needs a launching trolley for a Fkkn big rib...
Sounds like a sound of progress! :)
No, he gonna scupper it lol

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