Driver's Wharf 10th July Poker Run - Update

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Mar 12, 2004
:cheers: 10th July!!!!!!!!

The next Driver's Wharf Poker Run!!

For information call Gill on 02380 233302

or Email:

:seaman: Tell ya mates to get a float and join us for a fun day out!!

All boats welcome as long as they've an engine and can achieve a speed of approx 35mph!

If anyone wants to be part of the team and be a committee boat give us a call or email us.

See you there!


The Driver's Wharf Poker Run Team:three:
early excuses

me mates gettin married & i'm an usher

do you think he'll understand?:lol:lol:
Will you be pulling the pins on your hand grenades?:hugegrin:
Bloody well working! Ah well have a good time everyone that can make it - I'll be thinking of you!:drink:

can some one e-mail me details of poker run,

i.e. location, what to do etc etc

or a link to full details would be easyer.

sorry im a newbie and have an invite but if it falls through i will beg, steel or borrow a boat to be there.

i have a pram dingie in the garden and will row if need be.:brain:
Hi Lee

It's beeing organised by Drivers Wharf and in particular Gill Williams. the contact info appears on the head of this thread.

I am glad to see you have joined the forum


thanks for the welcome.

i have read a link on the poker run so a little more in the know now. are the locations of the cards and stop offs left till last minute or discussed before hand??
(thread has been split, so this post is to bring it to the top)
Saw them depart this morning, sea flat calm, other than a few wakes from some Ribbers doin speed trials, but its blowing a bit this afternoon, them speedboats are going to be bouncing about.


Which HTM? grey/blue with tacky flames (V8), or white yellow blue (yanmar)

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