Driver's Wharf Easter 2004 Poker Run

Tony Davis

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Mar 13, 2004
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Popped into "Driver's" yesterday where I was informed by staff that it's only 3 weeks till the Poker Run.

If your interested you need to contact them ASAP.

Here's a couple of pix from last years run.


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is it the 3rd and 4th of april if so it going to clash with the warsash race
try praying

:well: :well: :well:

Need the steering column, can someone drop it off., and Rick was going to collect s/s panel as he has located someone who can cut the holes.

Replacement gaffrig parts have arrived, all upholstery bits sorted, a few more days and it'll be time to pray for good weather.

Have you got the Yamaha yet?
Yeah leave that Dumbo with 2 jobs to do over the wkend as i was boozing in London!!

He will drop off tonight/tomorrow....

Re Yamaha... cant get hold off Stuart/Wavenobber on mobile and hes gone from this site!!! ??

Its gonna be a scorcher this wkend!!!
Easter PR

Would love to think that i'd have a bit of serious enough bit 'o' kit to come down in 3 weeks.............but have a sneaky suspicsion i might have to wait for one in the summer (2005, of course!).

I live in hope!
18 phantom

CC... have a look on e .bay today looks like a cheap boat
Hi Rockey,

Poker Run is on Easter Saturday 10th April. If you need any information please call me on 02380 233302. I hope you can make it Gill & Fiona.

what is the start time on sat i will be coming from hyth marina not sure what time will finish work. sat am could you post itinerary:tea:

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