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Easter Poker Run Instructions – April 10th 2004

Muster 11:05 Weston Shelf (Green Conical) 50.52.71 N
01.23.26 W
Start Run Heading 143°
Start 11.15 NW Netley (Green Conical)

Leave Buoy to STB and Stay on the Portside of start boat (Start boat is a yellow Revenger ‘No Hoonin’) Start Run Heading 143°

First Leg
Heading Distance

NW Netley (STB) – Reach (STB) 138°m 5.28 SM

Reach (STB) – Calshot Spit (STB) 183°m 0.83 SM

Calshot Spit (STB) – Newtown Creek 228°m 7.51 SM

Collect Card @ Newtown Creek

Total Distance 13.62 SM

Second Leg
Heading Distance

Newtown Creek – Gurnard 060°m 5.27 SM

Collect Card @ Gurnard
Total Distance 5.27 SM

Third Leg
Heading Distance

Gurnard – Folley Point 106°m 3.31 SM

Lunch @ Folley Inn 12.30 –14.30 (Collect Card)

Total Distance 3.31 SM

Fourth leg
Heading Distance

Folley Point – Muster 2 054°m 2.69 SM

Muster 2 – Norris (STB) 101°m 1.38 SM

Norris (STB) - Ryde Pier 116°m 4.57 SM

Collect Card @ Ryde Pier

Total Distance 8.64 SM

Fifth leg
Heading Distance

Ryde Pier – Lee on Solent 338°m 4.87 SM

Collect Card @ Lee on Solent
Total Distance 4.87 SM

The Home Run !

Heading Distance

Lee on Solent – Coronation (STB) 295°m 3.95 SM
Coronation (STB) – Weston Shelf (STB) 315°m 5.50 SM
Weston Shelf (STB) – Drivers Wharf 359°m 3.03 SM

Total Distance 12.48 SM

Total Distance overall – 48.19 SM

Party & Game!

Shamrock Quay – 19.30 till late!

Marks of the Course

Drivers Wharf Briefing / Launching 50.54.82 N
Finish 01.23.15 W

Weston Shelf Green Conical 50.52.71 N
Muster 1 01.23.26 W

NW Netley Green Conical 50.52.31 N
Start 01.22.74 W

Newtown Creek Red Can 50.43.76 N
Card Collection 01.24.91 W

Gurnard North Cardinal 50.46.22 N
Card Collection 01.18.34 W

Folley Point Lunch 50.44.00 N
Card Collection 01.16.84 W

Muster 2 Official Boat 50.46.14 N
01.17.35 W

Ryde Pier Card Collection 50.44.44 N
01.09.72 W

Lee-on-Solent Card Collection 50.48.26 N
01.12.58 W

Coronation Yellow Sailing Mark 50.49.54 N
01.17.61 W
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and the course!


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sorry the RedMist team are not gonna be there.... we all have loads on this wkend..... if its flat calm might blast over from Poole to meet the crews at the Folley Inn..
otherwise see you for the summer one!!
safe racing (sorry cruising!!)
:wave: when's the next Poker Run then?

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