DT200EFI Worth?


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Dec 2, 2004
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I’m going to be replacing the DT200EFI on my RIB with the 225 Optimax I’ve purchased, so will need to move the DT on, but don’t have a clue what it’s worth.

I know this looks like an advert, but I’m genuinely after some indication of what it’s worth before offering it for sale. As you can imagine I need to offset as much of the cost of the 225 Opti as possible by selling this.

It’s still on the boat at the moment, but has 3yr old fuel in it and I haven’t tried to start it as I’d want to mist some 2-stroke oil down the plug holes etc before trying.

It’s a 1997 XL shaft DT200EFI and hasn’t been run now for @2.5yrs.
Before that it was running well, but I did have a comment from a friend following me that there was a distinct smell of unburnt fuel.
On my heavy commercial hull 6.5M RIB it would use @1.5l/nm at @25Knots, which is very reasonable, but as it’s an older tech engine further up the rev range usage is obviously worse than a newer engine. At WOT @42-45Knots it was as best I can tell using @3-3.5nm

I looked after it well until 2.5yrs ago when personal circumstances meant I wasn’t well enough to devote any energy to it. It had a new pump impellor and gearbox oil change every other year despite sometimes only being used over a few summer weekends and for 2 weeks in Devon each year.
Around 8yrs ago I completely rebuilt and fitted a load of new parts into the gearbox.

I had the hood wrapped a few years ago when all the red bits of the decals had faded, but now wished I hadn’t. The wrap was damaged so I started peeling it off and a lot of paint has come off with it.

It will come with the 21P prop shown, a top mount throttle assembly, main wiring loom, plus Suzuki oil level/multi gauge.

Can anyone help with what it’s worth?




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