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Anyone had any hassle getting they're goods after anEbay auction..

The Americans moan about it, but I havent heard of it happening to a brit.
Going...going...no, hold on its Matt

[2) People who bid within the last 10 seconds to gazump you.

Can you do it ten seconds:aaahhh:.

I,ve seen this thing for auction, what are you doing at

4:13.50 A.M. next Tuesday!:laugh:
It takes the fun out of it I can see, but does it change the functionality?
Rogue wife trades on e bay......well so far she's bought about 50 bits and I have bought about 20 car bits in her name...we haven't had any problems at all

got a perfick front wing for my disco for twenty poonds the other day so the deals aren't to bad either

you have to look carefully for bogus deals an outboard with free shipping or the wrong warranty perios are dead giveaways and if somebody wants to use a private escrow service then don't bother

You've got to slow down.

There will be nothing left for the rest of us.

Do you get a buzz out of it?


:cry: :cry: :cry:

Ok, OK, me too.:worthy: :worthy:

Matt said:
Buzz? WTF? I do it to buy something for less than it's worth or sell something for more than it's worth.

When that happens... youre not getting a kick out of that?
its all ok till something is not what it says it is or doesnt work. I bought some car hifi from the U.S. it didnt work and the lovely girl who sold it agreeed to refund me on retrn of item. Did she HELL,

instead i paid £300 and never had an item neither, none of the so called protection bodies of paypal, ebay, square trading did anything worthwhile to help and to top it all off because my credit card company recognised it as fraud and the insurance (that i pay for)paid me for my loss, now when people credit money to my paypal account, paypal hold it and wont let me have it as my credit card claimed it off them and theyre p***ed

BE WARNED and think about your payment methods carefully
my advice would be only bid to the amount that you are prepaired to lose,if you dont recieve the item. and if you do have a problem good luck with e-bay


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here's one for keeps...

Missus :D


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:D :D

Only messin :D

Missus (well it was all summery today so I went a bit over the top with the flowers and stuff)

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