End of the road for 2.5efi

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Mar 13, 2004
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Mercury's OptiMax 2.5XS to replace the 2.5 EFI

By IBI Magazine

Mercury Racing has announced the release of the OptiMax 2.5XS, a new 2.5lt outboard engine that will replace the 2.5 EFI series when it is discontinued next year. Mounted on a 20-inch, 3.0lt centre section and gearcase, the new engine features a direct fuel-injected V8 powerhead, enabling speeds of up to 225hp. Full throttle is said to range from 6100-6800rpm.

Mercury's exclusive Propulsion Control Module (PCM) 03 microprocessor offers individual cylinder control for optimal fuel, spark timing and knock control. Its SmartCraft Controller Area Network (CAN) system monitors the engine's functions, and enables the PCM 03 to provide real-time engine function data to SmartCraft accessory gauges, including speed, RPM, engine trim level, fuel consumption and range.

(31 August 2004)
"enabling speeds of up to 225hp"

What kind of statement is that?
I like the "V8" bit, I imagine it's a typo by IBI, I just cut and pasted it!!
Thats wickid..............I expect you to find an exceptionally cheap 2.5L now that they are old-hat Tony!

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