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Mar 12, 2004
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What are the pros and cons of running with the engine heigher on the transom? In other words what difference would I notice to the overall performance?
Bit more speed, bit less torque reaction (landing on it's side) bit more slip getting on plane, slightly more stern lift, bit less ability to raise the bow with trim (at high speed), that kinda stuff.
Whilst jacking up the engine might get you a bit more speed and different handling characteristics, worth mentioning that if you go to far then the water intakes might have a problem. Also since Plymouth isn't renown for its lakes I assume the boat is being mostly used in the sea. With a raised prop you will suffer more ventilation problems as you bounce across the waves.

Thanks people. The engine is sat as low as at the mo. I just put on a 19" laser 2 and took it out last weekend, the grip and cornering where much improved along with everything else. The one thing I did notice more was the chime dancing, would this be improved at heigher engine heights?
When I raced offshore (Ski racing,) I tried a power lift on my Phantom 21, ran much better especially in flat conditions, just used to trim the engine with the power trim and lift the engine gave me a few more miles per hour, great for the pull out as skiers come up already wrapped, lots of drag, engine would be trimmed in and as low as possible, as soon as the skier broke the surface started to lift the engine.

We had to fit an external water pick-up, we used a bow tank pick-up plumbed into the impeller housing with stainless braided hose.

I have added a link to a web site with power lifts.

doesnt raising the engine make handling more flighty and unstable??i thought cornering ability was greatly reduced! are you saying you get less torque lean with a higher engine??as the c of g would also raise with the engine, would it induce more lean into corners etc...?
The only time it got flighty was in flat races some of the Scottish Loch's and occasionally flat offshore races when you were flat out trimmed out engine up as high as you dare and the skier still calling for more, then it would be a bit lively, cornering was difficult as the higher the engine the more torque was put through the steering, did get quite stiff with only double ride guide, the answer would have been to fit power steering.

Never found it would lean into corners, remember we had a skier some 200 foot behind on a transom mounted short ski pole, that tended to level things up.

You had to sacrifice something in the quest for more speed and that was some of the handling.
got engine set with propshaft about 1/2" below the transom i haven't got low water pickups but have 4" set back and still achieve over 10psi of water pressure makes my sharpe handle fine and with a chopper got some bow lift for the first time ever bit scarey when you are flat out and trimed right out as it tends to float on the pad i have a foot throttle and hydraulic steering so its not too bad until you back right off and the chopper tries to make you do a clockwise barrel roll.
matt wheres the fuel tank in yours?
Engine height

What engine are you running!
If you lift the engine remember to block off the top two water pick-up's so that you don't draw air in.


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