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Mar 12, 2004
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does any one have any views on the entrance fee for the warsash race in a couple of weeks. non members of ukoba/f4sa 300 quid and members 120. ive paid it but seems very high although you do get a meal on the saturday night.views anyone?
What you might be seeing is the real cost of racing or should I say, the cost of putting on a race. In the past racing was subsidised by sponsorship but in the case of the Warsash race so far as I undestand, none exists.

A 'basic race' as of a few years ago could have been organised for £6000 - £8000. This would have been been a bare bones event with all of the organisers acting on a volunteer basis. Those days seem to be gone and many of the former volunteers from pit marshalls to safety boats now expect some sort of remuneration for their efforts - at the very least they would like some of their out of pocket expenses to be re-imbursed.

Would this have occurred if these previously unpaid volunteers had received at least a cursory 'thank you'? That's a matter for conjecture but simply stated, if you want to go racing it ain't going to be cheap.

The RYA has increased calendar fees to the organising clubs (which are in turn passed on to the competitors) at an alarming rate whilst insisting that nationally registered boats must be re-measured yearly, a revenue producing measure if there ever was one but this initiative is of no benefit to the competor. The money is collected, secreted away and gone forever but then again, I'm sure it benefits some sailing programme somewhere

In the final analyis, racing will inevitably become more expensive for the reasons mentioned above. The question that must be asked (aside from the RYA's insidiuous and unrelenting money hunt) is are you willing to pay for the actual cost of racing or do you expect (and consider it fair) for others to subsidise your fun?
Excellent post!
i could not of put it better myself,but the entrance fee is more than doubled since last year,now thats what i call inflation,we will have to see what the other clubs are doing this year.
and how many people turn up this year,who are not honda
What did RYA say for justification of the increase, improve service to be provided ?

Just out of interest you include safety boats in the list of people who want money/expenses. Do you just mean where they are a professional body, such as RNLI / Coastguard as I was unaware that this was going on for the volunteers, such as myself.

Maybe I should start invoicing for each rescue I do !!



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