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Looking for some technical experience here. Phantom 20 XR2 Approx 200HP (Ocean Racing reckon 210HP) Currently running Laser II 22 pitch (I think, need to double check). Carl had a cleaver type prop in his boot but didnt let it go with the boat. What will make me go faster? I am currently getting approx 6,400 RPM flat out and trimmed.

Found this on scream and fly (Speed gain 4 free?) (http://www.screamandfly.com/home/engine_tech/ask_jsre/propeller_positioning.htm
Anyone tried it? Did u go faster? Did the Prop fall off? :aaahhh:

Also seen these on ebay Does anyone think any of them are suitable?

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Not sure what the top speed as @ the moment as speedo only goes to 55mph Needless to say it goes off the clock then the transducer flips up! (rated at 80MPH my :moon: ). But should be getting a GPS soon! :D

Thanks in adavance :confused:
i ran a 26 pitch chopper prop on xr2 and it takes forever to get on plane but top end is very quick,i also ran 23 pitch high 5 on xr2 and got excellent holeshot with no noticable loss of top end but it dropped rpm's by about 300.
the 25 laser is far to big and the cleaver i had in my boot was a 26 and i lost 500 revs and the boat felt horrible,the high five is good for skiing................take it from me the prop you have at the moment is all you need.........................oh and gps at 68mph before the second tank went in......................now stop going out in f7 you mad man
Cheers carl, had to do the F7 because it was the only weekend me brother was down! (He had driven a long way).

What do u reckon to the move the prop back school of thought?
Or do u think it better just to get rid of some of the weight, back seat, girlfriend etc? :)
i would leave it all alone,after all you could spend loads of money and mess the boat up for the sake of a few miles per hour.......................i have to agree with the back seat (base) though.......girlfriend?good luck thats down to you
prop spacing

By moving the prop back on the prop shaft you are essentially increasing setback, this is a fine tune mod on lake/drag boats which are very diferent! I dont believe you would see any noticable increase by doing it. Especialy in a Force 7!!! It only works for over the hub props too.

How much setback have you got with your current setup? I would try a 24" chopper. Theres plenty of them on ebay.com (USA)


PS: thanx for the B-day wishes! :drink:
If you're after top speed a Raker 24 would be the prop to go for but you will need to thin it and tune it to your boat - it will also make the boat harder to handle and will only be quicker in flat water - anything over a Force 3 and it will be slower!

A Laser 23 would be a better all round prop, and better in the chop, but again thinning the blades and a little tweak may get a bit more speed but we're not talking much here!

At the end of the day racers need to tune props, engine heights, setbacks etc to get the most speed out of a specific class - if you're not racing I would save up all the money you would spend on props and engine rebuilds getting an extra 3 miles an hour and spend it on a bigger engine/boat next year!

None of the props on Ebay would suit your boat anyway!

By the way I used to race a Phantom 18 / XR2 with Derek basham (National Champion) if you need a referance!

All IMHO of course!
Cheers Cookee was talking to Mr Basham in his sweet shop over the bank holiday about XR2's but was most suprised to see him in a RIB :aaahhh: out in starehole bay! I let him know about this site too! I should work on the marketing board for new members!
good point

Cookee said:

At the end of the day racers need to tune props, engine heights, setbacks etc to get the most speed out of a specific class - if you're not racing I would save up all the money you would spend on props and engine rebuilds getting an extra 3 miles an hour and spend it on a bigger engine/boat next year!

If it's only speed your after and your not limited by class reg.s then just buy a bigger engine! You could still race in basic I think!

Cookie: I love your signiture, I have to remember that next time my girlfriend asks why couldn't I just like football or something! LMAO :laugh: thanx

Ok get the message - Start saving! Finally just out of interest a 2.4l or 300Hp would get me to what speed?

An EFI 260 or the later 280 hp models will get you into the 80's quite easily but it will be hairy!
On the post about set back. The current Mannerfelts are running with approx 11" set back.
The easiest way to set back is to use 18mm ply, epoxy coverd, sheets untill you find the ultimate setting, applying them 1 at a time. Onlty need a engine hoist and long bolts!!!
maybe missing the point completley, but there is a guy in "aldershot" ( you probably already know him) who runs a prop shop,
They supplied me with a "hustler" 2 piece prop for my 2052 which has completley changed my toy ( for the better !! )

available in S.S. and Alum with the added bonus that you only have to change the blades not the hub, ( i now have a set of blades for every occasion :cool: )

Hub = £35 (alum)
Blades = £45 (alum)

They also also specialise in "Repairs" and "tweaking" so might be worth giving them a call


Streamlined Propellers
Unit 17
Cavendish Mews,
Off Grosvenor Rd,
GU11 3EH


+44 (0) 1252 316412


07776 014285


I have written this after :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: cans of Budweiser so please excuse any spelling mistakes or that it might be totally irrelevant in thi post
would a cleaver be any good for my ring 21 with merc bridgeport?
Silver surfer i think you shoul leave your boat as is i tried a cleaver prop on my xr2 and didnt gain any speed but lost acceleration loads of water just thrown out the back and then it bites then you go, wasnt for me. im not sure if phantoms are speed rated or sumthing but with the 275 cosworth on my boat you hit 70mph but then the boat goes on its side and cavitates, scares the shxt out of me i think the engines to heavy for the boat. Although i have another 275 coming in from florida if your intreasted prob kill yourself with it though!
I GPS'd my P20 with a 2.4 200 5.5" setback and a 23 laser2. It did 67mph at 5700rpm but that wasn't flat out. It was in a light chop and the engine was right up on the manual lifter. With the engine this high it would get well unstable above 5500rpm in anything but mirror flat conditions. I've seen 6000rpm flat out in said mirror flat conditions but I didnt have the GPS, I reckon that was about 70mph. Big rooster tails were the order of the day with the engine this high so've I've lowered it now :)
Can I thank everyone for their comments I think I will leave the boat as is. As it sounds as though my signiture "More power = More fun" may not be the case with the Phantom 20. I will get a GPS (Hint to Tony) and maybe remove some weight if I am not happy with the top speed.

a wise choice,the revolutions set up is spot on,{well i think so}


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Ohhh she looks beautiful dont she!!!!

If you have any more pics carl can you email them me if you dont mind me putting them up on my new website ;)

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