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Mar 13, 2004
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We had a great spin yesterday...

Thank You Mark Wildey!!!

We left Poole on Jellignite sometime after 6.00 A.M. !!!!!

And off we went down the coast to Exmouth...

(Wow Lyme Bay is BIG.)

Lively enough round Old Harry but Portland Bill was OK (MW knows the area so well :up: and we were right in near the cliffs ...)

Into the caff at Exmouth for brekkie ...

And out to the Yellow Buoy to watch the start of the Poker Run.

Saw some famous Boats Bananashark, Cider Daze ...and Bob the Yellow RIB!!!!!

Then as it was a bit lumpy (4/5) we headed back ...

Back across Lyme Bay :banana:

Back round Portland Bill (not too bad...following sea ) :seaman:

Along the beautiful coast :up:

Round Old Harry :D

And steaming into Poole where suddenly the famous TD appeared!!!

Then we had a tour of TD's workshop... :up:

And a few jars and a chat...:up:

And it was time to go home :cry:

The sun shone, Mark Wildey loves the odd splash of brine and we had some great tales at the end of the day.

Piccies to follow tonite sometime...

Thanks very much Mark and thanks very much TD for coming down to see us. We had a lovely time.

Missus :worthy: :worthy:
Sorry we missed you missus!

Had an interesting day meeting up with my mate Adrian in a RAF rescue helicopterat the first card stop!


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They lowered a winchman down for a chat and a look at the boat first of all ............... amaxing the accuracy of the pilots and winchmen - my foredeck isn't that big!


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The winch operator on deck waiting for the wire - we cruised up behind the chopper and I had to drive up to the wire so he could hook on and go back up - they followed us to the next stop which was Babacombe - our first time there.

Arrived after the others most of them were up the cliff in the pub already and watched us cruise into the bay with a great big helicopter chasing us!

We then went back out into open water and Adrian was lowered onto the boat so he could join us for lunch and the chopper went off to wait for someone to rescue!

The rest of the day was enjoyed by all and we got the prize for being the most entertaining team! Thanks to the Exe powerboat club who put on the race and Poker run - sadly there was no race because of the weather but Sunday was great!

Off to the Isle of Man so might not get on a computer much for about a week I'm afraid.


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That looks exciting Cooks !!!

Here's Mark Wildey our host for the day on the right ...
with Jackeen (Paul :D)


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Portland Bill

Ah what's all the fuss about...:D

(I know. I know.....)


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Back home we go...

..back across Lyme Bay..

..back round Portland Bill..

splishy splashy splishy splashy

???Nah...Still nothing



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hey lads wot do I do next??????

The perfect gent...he even ties up the bote...:worthy:


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we get a guided tour of the famous workshop :up:

(That's Trevor :wave: )

Hi Cooks!!!!How's the Isle of Man?????


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this then?????????????

It's the famous new extreme RIB!!!!!!!!!!!

VERY La Croisette :up:


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Well Missus, this is a Phantom 21, the same as the Capitan has just purchased


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