Extreme 24 - Prop Feedback

Apr 28, 2004
Cruising area
Channel Islands & Adjacent French Coast
I have been running my Extreme 24 with a Hydromotive Quad IV 23" this season will really good results.

I have a 454 Magnum MPI and getting pretty good allround performance.

The main aim was to achieve more stern lift. I now get loads of this at high speed and really good handling, holeshot etc.

My Bravo drive is fitted really low.

However, as expected it didn't give the handling I wanted when in a big head sea (1-2m) and running at say cruising half speed 25-30knots.

I'm going to have to go for trim tabs for that ... next season.

FYI I got the Hydromotive from www.throttle-up.com

Excellent service .....

I ran a Mach 4 before which was good but down a bit on revs - 4,300rpm - this was a 24" but handled well and very economical for cruising - I do a fair amount of long distance sorties to France.

However, the Mach 4 split down the middle of the hub so this forced me into seeking a new one. I have always wanted more bow down at mid cruising speed. The Quad IV doesn't quite achieve this but does address the bow down and stern up at higher revs which I guess makes sense. I am now pulling 4,900rpm with the quad IV and still getting good economy. I have tried the Mercruiser range of props and all give too much bow lift for me.

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