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A talking complete bollocks question. Plus realise this is not wet but dry - which is a bit sad.

Now that Autospor.com charges mular to read anything bar the title what is ya favorate F1 (sad b'stard racing where all the overtaking is done while stopped) website.

Is it gobshite ITVF1.com with Dullard james Allan the supurb Martin Brundle and the clinically dead you put the words rite into mi mouth Mark Blundel.

Or 10 tenth motorsport

Or Something Completely Different

Any comments etc most welcome:argue: :hatchet: :booty:
I can answer this

A ligger is a useless hanger on! (nothin personal LoZer) Someone who's along for the ride but doesn't contribute anything other than gets in the way.

typically it would be someone with a VIP pass at a rock show/ GP/ race meeting/ poetry reading who got the pass cos they were mates with the sound engineer. As opposed to getting the pass cos they designed the mixing desk.

Barco AV engineers are marginal liggers if that helps you out Matt

So whats Ligger in Latin. I got a tenner says it's Leviathanus

Welcome back by the way I must say the sentence for TWOCing is getting shorter nowadays

Lozer It's 10/10ths by the way but i amust admit that the domination by Ferrari over the las couple of years has taken a lot of the interest out of it for me. thank god for JPM hes like a latin Mansell he can't stop winging and crashing
Appologies for the language just a bit passonate about Jaguar going at the moment - but think it woz the right thing to do despite having great people great people - money talks.

Agree with JPM. Woz the man in F3000 + Champ Car.

Ligger definition spot on, but would add does absoluetly nothing to gain said pass. Woz a Ligger mainly when did not know better plus mi age was less than double figures in Football - Motorsport - Powerboats.

Best regards
Matt thanks for sniffpetrol link.

Beemer add spot on "1-Series honest are they being serious with their design". Sorry for following car speak:

But no way agree on their comments on new focus. My comments from reading press reports, drive, handling, performance interior all fantastic the best for its class, European especially love the refined design - plus some rag has reported a fully larged vented mega steroid stylee version is to come (kind of chipped escort cossi I guess).

Think this link is cool http://www.pistonheads.com was recommended by a TVR bod who's complaining about people fast boats vs tivs

Plus http://autoextremist.com gives the slightly less serious side to Motown’s Men in dark suits.

LoZer now Ex Ligger
plus slap me if being too serious!
rowgscratcher said:

Barco AV engineers are marginal liggers if that helps you out Matt


i sea dat fkn rowgscracher iz avin a gow att de minser agen.
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Yeah, he's a bastid
Hi jar just being sooo kind - a twocking minsa basturd - thats a new one. Most of mi posts have been dull to say the least so guess its just deserts.

Anyway last time I got TWOCed was worth 120hr Community Service. But the scroat that nicked mi mota did get three months remand thrown in for free.

no the minsa is Mr Fuller aka the ginger mincer you'll understand why when you meet him!

Matt has been away from the Forums so I though he'd been done for TWOCking

I have standards young man....I couldn't possibly insult someone I haven't met :no: :no: :no:
yeah OK but only if they are on Ribnet and talking shite!
Jono said:
...you rang?:tea:

I could never insult anybody with A landrover and a big winch and his own crane......even if you are a nobber!
rowgscratcher said:
yeah OK but only if they are on Ribnet and talking shite!

Oh right! well that narrows it down then, to about...say...ohh..eeeer, about 1729 members. or am I being too generous?
does Ribnet really have that many members?
It has 1730, but I didn't include myself, for obvious reasons!
surely your protoge Mad Mat can't be included in that number!
Matt said:
Or any one of my multiple personalities

Ha so Codprawn is you. I knew he had to be a boatmad windup
Why would anyone want to pass themselves off as Welsh:wank: :sperm:
Respect mr rowgscratcher was not wishing to dis ya or anyone else - really.

Did once spend a night on Leviathan years ago before the TWOCing and don't remember any minsa-ing, but do remember the experience - the boat that is.

Pretty dam awesome and full on after years spent in mi Pa's P28 Cruiser - which was the one with a big open cockpit, single 350Hp & surface drive - tended to go through waves rather than flying over. Think the boat is now heading for a life in the Nordic Fjords

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