Faria Gauges for the Captain

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Mar 13, 2004
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Is my steering stuff here yet nobber?
Is my steering stuff here yet nobber?

i do hope i'm not going to be saying that in 10 days time.......Mr Tony "horizontal" Davis!!!!!
Tach with digi hourmeter
Water pressure

7 in total, but me mate was looking at one when I took the pic!
Admiral P. Brain said:
saying that were the ones we got Gaffrig or Livorsi ??

Gaffrig by Livorsi !!!
Tony do they do a dual pyro that work on the gaffrig senders - if so how much for a dual one?
No, sorry. The only Pyro I have in stock at the moment is a Gaffrig Single Monster!

There's a possibility that I may place an order this week with Livorsi, (proper gaffrig) but they're not the quickest turnaround so it would be 2-3 weeks!!!
No you nobber, it's an EGT. but only a single station, in black, but monster sized!!! 2 3/4" oad
tony davis said:
Gaffrig by Livorsi !!!

By Autometer :sick:...get em at halfords and write 'Gafrig' on the face in crayon! Only true "Gafrig" is the Liquid filled speedo range, rest are for fashion victims (sorry Rob)
er um ah at the risk of sounding dumber than usual, my mates got a pyro and havent got a fekin clue what it is(i just nodded when he said you know) He said somet about knowing which bank to shutdown... still none the wiser!!! i asked my 4.3merc for some money but it said somet along the lines of blub blub burble squeek f**k off... please educate me
Pyro - also known as EGT - Exhaust Gas Temperature Guage - Measures the temperature of the exhaust gasses at the bottom of the block, with a V6 you have one for each bank of three cylinders so if one side starts running cool you know you have one of those 3 cylinders not firing. If you pick up a plastic bag the temp will shoot up faster than water temp and give you some warning of the engine and impellor frying itself!

Hope that helps,

Not worth running an EGT unless you have an adjustable ECU.
If the motor runs lean the block will sieze in seconds, and unless you are driving and looking at the gauge constantly then you would never notice.
As for picking up a bag, use an overheat warning light and/or a buzzer.
You would also notice this on the water pressure gauge.
I have 2 gauges in the new Bernico: A moster RPM gauge and a moster Water pressure gauge, I also have a overheat warning light.
Thats it nothing else needed, and I have a 300 Drag motor on the back.
Same goes for fuel pressure once this is set thats it, if you have a problem it would happen so quickly you would'nt notice it on a gauge; (unless you are looking at it along with the EGT)
Only fit these extra gauges if you have money to spare or you want to populate the dash board.

By Autometer ...get em at halfords and write 'Gafrig' on the face in crayon! Only true "Gafrig" is the Liquid filled speedo range, rest are for fashion victims (sorry Rob)

got the liquid speedo !!! but the damn things leaking!!!

they come with a nice powdercoat job !! but if what you say is true they have conned one hell of loads of people in the states!!

they do look good and I suppose prestige has to be earned somehow, but they do cost a packet!!

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