First step towards "super hero" status

Dirk Diggler

Mar 12, 2004
I got me cape and mask, all I need is a rib to become a superhero!

So here it is under construction.

Anyone know where to get a deal on a drysuit, balaclava and a thermos flask!


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Yo Mr T,

Divy question - why all the 1in wood ??? going across.

Something ovious but over my head :tea:

what length is it


Thought it would make it easier to ratchet strap all the essential rib-ing equipment to the deck!!

Or possibly because like a lot of ribs this is a "cut down" sportsboat, and we need something to support the flange whilst glassing it to the topsides.

It's the hull of one of our 24' sportsboats, which actually measures 24'10" :(
Interesting to see a deck with port holes in it .

Is that to watch the fish go by as ribs are alot slower than your normal sportboat :laugh:
They're not portholes you fool, they're stairwells down to the basement.:D
That's a big vertical to the flange, TD. Are the tubes ever going to touch the water?


That fella, Fuller, is going to be jealous when you've finished this.

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It's not really that much, a bad camera angle maybe!!! Mind you, it's a prototype, so maybe we can bolt extra motors on until it floats at the correct height.

That Fuller bloke has got his name down for a demo.:D :D :D
OOps, I forgot the 'Pike' bit!
Glad you are begining to see sense and get interested in real boats.:seaman:
Come on Davis, enough is enough, tell em the truth. (about your halfwhitt employee)
Chrisallse said:
Glad you are begining to see sense and get interested in real boats.:seaman:

We had considered laminating several packets of "Rizlas" and building a Falcon type boat, but the guide dog didn't turn up for work that day!!

We thought we would move into the rib market and relieve a few chumps of their money!:D

Oh allright then JF, it's not really for me, one of my chimps has decided that he'd like to build a rhib, (notice the correct spelling) and as the material costs are about 7 quid, I couldn't see a problem. Saves me giving him a payrise!

He plans to use it as a tender to get to his hard (real) boat, which is obviously the correct use for a blow up boat!
The only Tender thing around here is your monkeys arse
Charming, but I'm glad to see your feeling a lot better, for a moment I thought we were going to have the first Boatmad funeral!:D :D
Thank you.....and i am glad you have at last 'come out':D

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