Fitting a 2.5 onto XR2 offshore leg.

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Dec 14, 2017
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Mercury 2.5 Offshore
Hi. I have an offshore XR2 leg and CLE box. I was thinking of taking off the 2.0 xr2 powerhead and putting on a 2.5 I’ve got. I know it’ll fit, but Will I have to change anything to make it all work correctly?? Thanks.
What 2.5? 200 or 260?
Thanks for the reply.
200 ported with 7 petal front end.
Check exhaust port size versus adapter. You might have to enlarge these in the adapter. Besides you have to check the cooling. A stock 200 leg has a sandwich plate with a popet cavity that works with tstats and popet in block. 3 options: 1 modify your adapter plate to make it work as the sandwich plate/ 2 remove popet and stats and use same setup as xr2 or 3 put sandwich plate on the offshore leg.
Thanks for the reply, I will have a look and get it sorted ?

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