flying flipper

Yeah, it belongs to Allan Webb (or at least it did) he raced it in National Production class up until about 94'.

He won the nationals with it a few times, it's an excellent rough water boat, but with the 2x 200 Pro Max's (Yamaha) it only ran low 60's.

He also had a sterndrive version with a big block
any idea how old boat and engines are? im waiting for reply off owner.
I'm only guessing, but I would say early to mid 80's, late 80's at the latest.
thanks for that jon.
roofer said:
any idea how old boat and engines are? im waiting for reply off owner.

Alan bought the boat from John Baker summer of 89. I'd agree that the boat is mid 80's but the engines are a bit newer, early 90's I think.

The boat ran 59 mph at Windermere in 1992 - with 12 people on board!

One of the best features on the boat can't be seen in the photo. It has an aft cabin that sleeps two.
didn't you consider buying it back in 89 Ned?

I remember John Baker saying he needed to take the boat back from Lindon (where it was on Brokerage) to do a race, then sold it to Allan! (avoiding brokerage fee)
Certainly did. We even gave it a little test run on the Thames one evening. Really upset a rower in Desborough Cut while it was still on brokerage.

Also remember Baker's sneaky manouvre. It was on brokerage one minute and the next showed up racing under new ownership in Southampton.
That night on the river, with you and Lindon on the Flipper, was the first time I met you. (I was at Chris Murdock's house by Walton bridge, you two stopped by to say hi)

The race at Southamptom was also the one where Sireds Velocity and Unipart Lambs 'came together' resulting in the end of the road for Unipart.

A lasting memory of that race for me, as we watched it from a 909 Flipper, was your daughter throwing up uncontrolably with sea sickness! :sick:

Lindon and I then brought the 909 round from Hamble to Shepperton, it must have been just after the Southampton boatshow of 89'
I think Dave Jones was with us also and weren't the police waiting for us upon our arrival at Nauticalia?

That was quite a race. 3 or 4 Class I boat, 6 or 7 Class II, a number of 4 litres, 12 Cruiser a and B boats and lots of 1.3 and 2 ltrs, not to mention two starts in Southampton Water. Imagine trying to get permission to organise that now!

Luckily my daughter grew out of uncontrollable throwing up due to sea-sickness. Now it's only my dress sense that makes her violently ill.
Ned said:
I think Dave Jones was with us also

Dave now lives and works in Poole, for Sunseeker sales.
you were right jon boat belongs to allan webb,ive got to ring him tomorrow when he recovers from approx 50 wasp stings {he disturbed wasp nest}
Conversation could be hard work (poor old allan won the award for oldest competitor about 15 years ago)

I've known him a long time, and in recent years, whenever I see him, he callls me Brian!?? :dizzy: :dizzy:

I bet when you talk to him, after wittering on about how good it is,he tells you "when it gets rough, never ever, ever back off!, only ever trim in."

It's his standard saying, easy in a 30' rough water hull capable of 62mph, I would have dearly loved to have put him in our race boat to show how you do it in the rough :lol:lol:
depends on the boat! in a 30 foot flipper you just trim in and stay flat out!
apparently boat as been in storage for years and is in good condition,next question whats it worth?
that's hard to say, it would make a good high perf cruiser with it's rough water ability, and as Ned says, the aft cabin is a bonus.
I would have thought 10k or so, but it's worth what you'd be prepaired to pay really.
i valued it at 10k also,i,ll ring allan tomorrow and see if i can get any sense.thanks for all your help.
Hi Brian, how are your oil burners!:D
Alright ta, noisy, heavy and blick

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