"foolish" quesion


Jun 27, 2004
Have the chance of aquiring a complete 5.0 V8 220hp ( mercruiser) with an Alpha one attatched to a seriously "torched" 2050 ( Bayliner Capri Bowrider 1996 ) ... Engine undamaged but the "BARBIE" in the bow did a lotta damage, ( insurance buy-back )

Seeing as i quite like my 2052 "Cuddy" currently fitted with a 3.0L / Alpha one 130hp ( except for having a little less power than expected ) I was considering a "Transplant".

"foolish" already has an appointment with the "Garage" over winter for new carpets etc.. any way so what better time !!

Q1 - How much of a performance increase should i expect ?

Q2 - Does anyone know ( apart from engine mounts) if there are any other "structual" mods i'll need ( stringers etc )

Q3 - If so .......How big a job is it to split the "deck" from the "hull" ? ( maybe i should replace that 12yr old floor while i am at it ! )

Q4 - if i work my "bollix off" ... whats the chances of ( foolish )seeing water next year ? :well:

Not put off by the amount of work but don't want to spend the whole of 2005 in the "garage" saying "it WILL be finished next week !! " :wotzhapni
BIG project

for little reward. I wouldn't think you would need to lift the deck if you don't need to modify the engine space. If the engine fits in the hole and the mounting stance is the same, that should be all I would think.

Why not sell the BBQ'd boat and your own boat and buy something a bit more performance enclined or sell your boat and buy a cheap boat without power and drop the 5.0 in?

lifting the deck is a pain in the ass, you need to keep the boat jigged so it doesn't move and can be just messy in general, IMHO!

But to answer your question, I think with an extra 90hp you would see about 10mph over your current top.

I gotta 4.3 efi V6 (210bhp) in my 18ft Binliner and she does 50mph (according to GPS (speedo says 55)). With the extra weight of a V8 I recon you could see 40 tops. Is it worth it? Foolish must do 30 mph already.

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