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Mar 12, 2004
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I have found a foot throttle which I intend to fit. The only thing is that all I got was the actual foot panel section. What cables do I need to fit it to the controls and is it easy to do (ie a diy job?).
On another subject, more and more trailers now seem to have alloy wheels fitted to them. I have searched everywhere for a set that will fit on my indespension trailer but due to the large centre hole and bolt PCD you cannot seem to get them. So do I have to change the drums? If so does anyone know of a standard car drum that will fit straight on over all the brake shoes & bearings etc etc.
most foot throttles have the same fitting as in the control box the only thing is, you may have to get a longer cable as when disconnected from your gear selector it may not reach the extra 3 feet to the pedal.
as for your trailer i have the same problem cant find any alloys anywhere mine are five stud with large hub nut if you find any let me know:up:
Thanks Burty. I`m sure that a boat I`ve been in previous had some form of cable running from the control box to the foot. You found the gear with the box, then accelerated with the foot so I guess 2 cables are required?
As for the wheels I`m on the verge of laser cutting (my job at long last has a plus side!!) a couple of adaptors/spaces to suit, if it works I`ll let you know.
I have to ask, did you get your sharp from Uphill? I used to live in Weston and sure that I`ve seen it somewhere? Thanks again.
your control box has two cables going to it
one for the throttle and one for gear selection you leave the gear selector in to control box and remove the throttle cable and fit to foot pedal.
my boat was for sale in uphill but i bought it from the bloke afterwards but sometimes wish i didnt.
spent loads on it
it now has:
new floor
new steering (hydrolic)
different power head ( old one blew up)
different leg (offshore)
different saddle (offshore)
different gearcase (bullet type)

if i knew then what i know now about boats i would never have even considered buying it but hey thats what happens

however it now does 69.5MPH on gps and more mods are happening to go even faster!!!!;p;
Right, I will get my toolbox out this weekend!!
You got some great boats going out from Weston, down here its a little dry. Saw Cookee at Mount Batten but dont see much else. Shame really as the facilities are great and pleanty of water pretty much 24-7.

If there's an alloy wheel available, I can find it for you. Just need to know the size, PCD, offset and centre bore you require.

(We manufacture and wholesale alloy wheels, if it's not something from within our range, I'll be able to tell you where to get it from in the UK)
Right the wheels in question are 13", 4 stud on a 139.7mm PCD. The bore is around 120mm. I dont know the offset, but its just a standard steel trailer wheel.
Any help would be great
Dan - Don't forget that some engines like Yamaha are a push throttle whereas Mercury are a pull - most foot throttles are capable of either but some arn't! It should be easy to fit - make sure you are screwing it down into something that will hold it and the same type of cable is fine so long as it's long enough.

If you want to call into the workshop and have a look at our setup feel free - we are at Churchstow near Kingsbridge PM me for a number if you're coming -
Just take your hubs to a good machine shop and have them drilled the correct PCD and refit the new studs.
I have done this for a friend before and it worked fine.
then you can chose any wheel that you like.

Yeh thanks Cyco,
I had thought that, its just with the large centre bore I`m still a little limited on my selection of wheels. The only ones I can find with a bore simular are 4x4 wheels which are often a little bigger thann a 13". If al else fails I guess I could get the wheels re-worked as well to suit the bore, has anyone done this?
At long last I will put the throttle in this weekend. One more question (or two!), does it have to be a low friction cable or can I get away with a standard one. And finally is it just a case of fixing one end to the foot throttle and the other to the accelerater with no need for any adjustment anywhere? :cheers:
Dan fitting your foot throttle should be easy.
Use a standard cable, don't waste your money on a low friction cable if you arn't planning to race.
Depending on what type of foot throttle you have you may have adjustment either end.
You will need to check that the engine is getting full throttle when your foot is fully depressed, and that it returns to the adle stop when your foot is released.
Normally easier with 2 people, then make your adjustment at the engine end.


Ps should see you at Plymouth
what you need is nice Rex Marine foot throttle . . . and it just so happens I have one for sale . . . .
I already have the foot throttle (alas no cable still!)but PM me how much you want for it.:cheers:
You're right, the PCD is a big problem. 4H - 139.7 (5.5") has not been on any UK market car for at least the last 25yrs. Most 'heavy' 4x4's have the same PCD but are 5 bolt (i.e. Vitara) or 6 bolt (i.e. Shogun, Old Landcruiser, Trooper etc.) and have a centre bore of only 110mm. You could have some wheels made, but that would probably end up being nearly as expensive as a new trailer and certainly more expensive than getting a new pair of stub axles and steel wheels.

I wouldn't recommend butchering the hubs or wheels for safety issues, but you could have an adaptor made to convert 6 bolt wheels to fit 4 bolt hubs. Your problem then is the only wheels available will be 15"+, is there any room to bring the wheel outwards and will the spigot still protrude outward far enough to interfere with the wheel even with the adaptor fitted.
What did you think of the grand prix then? We saw you outside the breakwater, we were in the black ring about 50yrds from you, looks a really smart boat that you have, both on and of the trailer, are you racing in Weston and Teignmouth overthe next few weeks then?:drink:
Cyco is racing in weston this weekend.
we have been out practicing yesterday and tonight
i think the racing starts at 10am
Dan Burty is right, I will be racing in Weston this weekend!
Sunday is race day flags drop at 11.00.

Yeh we saw you down at Plymouth, Burty and Jonny were also there.

Simply qusetion if you know the answer!!
I`ve got the foot throttle in, I have no adjustment at the foot end so which screw/bolt or anything else at the engine end do I adjust to reach WOT and any idea what it should rev at at this point??
Sorry for what are probably simple questions, but the only previous experience in terms of parts/fixing was putting the bung in!!!!:cheers:
Dan at the engine end of the cable there should be a plastic block on the outside of the threaded part of the cable.
This should be placed inside the cable retaining clamp.
To adjust your throttle; move this plasic block up or down the thread until you have both full throttle and idle.
You should also see an idle screw attached to the throttle arm check that this returns all the way to it's stop on the engine block.

To check full throttle: get someone to de-press your foot throttle and hold, at the carbs (WITH THE AIR BOX REMOVED) check that the butterflys in the carb mouth are horizontal.
You can also check the linkage on the side of the carb assembly to make sure it is fully de-pressed.

As for what revs it should be doing????
This depends on alot of different factors; what prop are you running, what engine height, what engine is it, any mods!

Hope this is of some use!
Let me know how you get on, or bring the boat to Tiegnmouth in 2 weeks time and I'll ajdust it for you (dosen't take long)


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