for Sarah and Adam Younger....

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Mar 13, 2004
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Your new pet cat...


Sorry wrong cat!!! Had to get rid quickly :D

Replaced very quickly with correct one :up:


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Oh what a relief, yes Adam´s new cat is a nice looking toy indeed
photo quality poor because of distance and bouncing on RIB :D


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didn't get loadsa photos ... but here's another...


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Adam wish you all the best in the future with your cat and in future racing with her.
Many thanks

Its been a long and trying path with this boat - but at long last we are starting to get her working. It is actually becoming fun to drive and looking forward now to working on dialing her in after all sorts of initial problems.

A lot of new ideas have gone into her and we are of course starting from a base level with zero set-up - so a pretty steep learning curve.

It has only really run for a few hours, which includes Ramsagte and Littlehampton races. Not setting the world of fire yet - but happy that we will be competitive soon.

Going testing tomorrow - first real chance to see how we are performing in (Hopefully) calm weather.

Will keep you informed.

great :up:

Good luck with the tests !!!

Look forward to the report cos I learn stuff :D

Is the cat called K4+ ?


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