Forum Downtime, software update May 14-15

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Nov 18, 2013
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Finally - long-awaited software update for the forum!

We are ready to convert the forum to new software.

To do this, we'll need to close the forum. This is scheduled for May 14-15 beginning very early in the morning (subject to change if there are complications).

There will be some noticeable changes upon returning to open:

  • The forum colors and header image will be updated.
  • The Forum is moving to Xenforo software and all the usual controls will be available BUT buttons and functions will be moved around a bit.
  • Image storage and avatar size will be increased.
  • PM inbox storage will be increased

Responsive for mobile use: There is no mobile app needed. XenForo has a mobile view that is entirely responsive to device size. Use a browser to open the site and you'll have a good view.

New functions: many, but notably the ability to "like" a post and send an alert by posting @username to get someone's attention.

Image handling will be improved. You can still upload images in the usual way but will also be able to simply paste directly into a post (no copy-protected images are allowed).

You will be able to log back in with your username OR your email address, and your password will not change.

Be patient after the site opens, it takes a little time to get settings dialed in but we will bring the site back online as soon as possible (even while adjustments are still being made.

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