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Nov 18, 2013
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In the past day, we've been working to update the forum to a new software platform and we've been offline. Welcome back! The new forum software is called Xenforo and there are some new features and functions.

Your account can be accessed by logging in with your e-mail address or username (that displays on posts) plus the password for your account. If you are having trouble with this and can't get through the password reset process, you can click the contact link at the bottom of the page to reach out for help.

If you've set up a new account because you couldn't access your old one let us know. We can consolidate these and get you logged back into your old account.

There are many new features and I encourage you to wander around, test things out and then visit your profile and do some updating. Please keep in mind that changes and adjustments are still being made and so views will become more refined over the next few days.

Update your profile:
  • Consider uploading a new avatar (little pic next to your posts). The new site accommodates larger images and old avatars are looking a little tired. Avatars will automatically resize - choose a good one!
  • Update your signature if needed
  • Add a profile banner - larger image that displays on your profile page
Mobile viewing
The site runs well on small screens. Try it out on the road, and use your regular login - no app required. Set a bookmark for the site on mobile for fast access and look for push notifications (coming soon) to stay up to date.

Thread marking:
The forum remembers what you have already read and will display new unread threads as bolded or when you click into an ongoing thread, takes you to unread content BUT: You may need to Mark a forum "read" for this to work correctly moving forward. The conversion could not "remember" what you have already seen and so initially all threads may appear as unread. To do this, open a forum and look for the link at the top of the list of threads to "Mark Read". Alternatively, use the 'Mark Forums Read' link at the top of the page to mark all.


There are many things still being tweaked and fiddled with and you will continue to see some changes but we wanted to get back online as soon as possible - thanks in advance for your patience.

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