Freshwater bay

Jon Fuller

Mar 12, 2004
Cruising area
South Coast
Boat name
Boat make
Phantom 28
Had a great day round in Freshwater bay on Sunday.
A mate came along to do a bit of Wakeboarding etc.
Sadly the local lifeboat crew took a dislike to me and decided I needed a bollocking.
A pal video'd the event and put this little piece together for me to help remember the moment.

Freshwater 'BLING' video

PS. this vid is 9 meg, so don't bother unless you have Broadband, or a lot of time on your hands.
Matt said:
Wocha gonna do when they come for you? :D

Leg it!

Till I remember I left my wife on a boat anchored in Freshwater bay! :dizzy: :bang:
I've fed the mouse some cheese and turned-off any unused electrical items in the house..... I'm downloading at a whoppin 2.8kb/s @ this time

Its gonna be a best be worth it FULLER!!!!
CC, you really have gotta drag yourself into the 21st century!

Thats too funny!!!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

They didn't think they could catch you, did they?
If their engines had as much adrenaline/Testosterone rushing through them as the Lifeboatmen themselves did, they would have caught me in no time, as it was, I stopped and waited for them.

They had the Feckin blue light, siren, the whole nine yards going on!
Matt said:
Was it calling their boat a piece of **** that revved them up?
I heard that whilst they were accused of having small penis', allegedly you have been accussed of having a rather large penis attached to your forehead. :drain: :well:

p.s. I think I'll delete this post in a minute.

Bad boys, bad boys, whocha ya gonna do......
Matt said:
allegedly you have been accussed of having a rather large penis attached to your forehead. :drain: :well:

That's me!


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Put some shades and a gutt on that and you ain far orf me!!!

BTW....thats a quality Vid....not so sure about the Snoop-double-G but that Inner Circle song is one of my Faves (yes before i saw the film!)

Water looked quite calm.........who's the geeza on the wakeboard.....he was rather good eh?

I've officially wogged me mums old tape vidcam in an attempt to be able to do some better films and then diditise them later.......the Ixus just aint up to scratch!!

so thats 2 weekends this year then Guvna.........almost worth having a boat!
That pictures uncanny exactly like those Lifeboat Nobbers....

Must say being chased with blue lights and sirens with Bob Marley "Bad Boys" in the background is all a bit BLING!

The geeza on the wakeboard was me
Very Sad Man

That vids just way tooooooo funny!

The fact i love that song asside..............I just love it @ about 35 secs when you see lifeboat in hot (well luke-warm) persuit of our resident ginger gangsta!:D

Just on me way out, but turned on the pc for a quick fix......very enjoyable indeed:worthy:

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