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Jul 21, 2004
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Ring 20
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Hi folks,

I have a 16ft Ring and am quite curious about the location of the fuel tank. It has a removable 25ltr plastic yamaha tank that is currently located in the front of the boat, is this the normal location for this size boat?
Would I be better off with it in the rear?

Not had a lot of boating experience so im just a lil curious.

HI iv'e got a 16 ring 90 merc 10gal fuel tank up front jacked up 2 bolt holes runs very well when the the fuel burns off can be a bit flighty, i run 2 props 4 blade for skiing 20p and a 3 blader for top end 24 p runs about 50/52 gps great little boat .

ps got any pics to post:cheers:
If it's flat calm, and you're looking for top end speed, locating it in the rear would be quicker for sure, in the front, like a bow ballast tank, the boat will run generally better when it roughs up.

I'd put it in the back, and get a bow ballast tank, then you'll have the best of both worlds.

tried running off a 5gal tank in the back about 2/3 mph gain but it's got to be FLAT normal use tank in front good all round if you want more speed get a 90 yam and have it tuned the 90 merc is not the quickest motor
Hmm bow ballast tank huh, do you have any web addys with info on these?

Rockey, my merc has a 19" prop on atm - not been able to try it out since i got hold of the engine though as the seats are being re-done! I'll see what i can do about pics over the weekend Rockey!

DYARROW pm sent
dyarrow said:
Hmm bow ballast tank huh, do you have any web addys with info on these?
No, not really, only Salmon power sports, who make a 'premium' pick up and control system, but you're looking at getting on for 500 quid for the valve/lever alone, plus the tank, pipework and fitting.

I'd take a stroll round a racing pits and see how it's done, much more finacially viable hardware is available, but no web sites to the best of my knowledge.

here's a pic of the salmon assy


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Just for your info.....The one i got from Tony (i'm pretty sure its a salmon) is the more budget box section type......but its over-engineered by miles and looks quality....IMHO it looks like its gonna be a gem and was very cheap by comparasen.
Hmm what can I expect to gain by doing this, is it much in the way of top speed/handling?

Sounds interesting but a lot of work!
You'll gain top speed, when the tank is empty, and your fuel is stored aft, giving at least the 2-3 mph increase rockey spoke of, I would say the gain would be more than that, at least when you're carrying a large fuel load, and way better pitch stability in lumpy water, especially a head sea, when the tank is full/part full.
The result, a much more sea friendly boat when rough, that's quicker when it's calm.

PS. driving it to it's max in calm water, will require some level of skill, as it will be more flighty, but that's the trade off for the extra speed, you get nothing for nothing, so to speak.
the more weight you have in the back the less likely that you are going to stuff it but if you are johnny boat dude you may flip it!:*******:

these boats are quite short so put a 20 gal tank in the back will help speed, but if you've got two heavey weights say me and td in the front no need for ballast tank
Re: small

Rockey said:
if you've got two heavey weights say me and td in the front no need for ballast tank

No, you'd just need a Pro Max 300X :drain:
275 cos

or even cheaper a 275 cos:no:
I would have the fuel at the transom not in the bow!

I think i'll experiment a bit once the boat is ready to go back in the water, will try it out in the back and see :)
Some pics for Rockey, old pics im afraid with the old (buggered) motor!

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Your not anything to do with the Sunseeker guys who have the Ring 16 moulds are you??
Nah - my brother works for Sunseeker hence the location in the pics, Madness is an original Ring though.