Jon Fuller

Mar 12, 2004
Cruising area
South Coast
Boat name
Boat make
Phantom 28
Hey Gav, hows the Signature 21 coming on?
Not bad, the one i was building before xmas has now gone, that WAS supposed to be mine but hey, what the heck!!!

I am now building my own, All Black gelcoat so no other F*****R will want it!!!!:bang:

Should be on the water at the end of August when i return from Hols. I'll take a few piccies and post them soon........

How did the first one go?...what motor?
Dunno went out as a shell for self fit! Mines the test boat, looking forward to the maiden voyage!
piccy of the 1900s ......


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another one ........... ........ ........ ........


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Naughty! :drain:
Looks a nice job Gav!...will we see you out this year with one?

WOW! my 1200th post!
Must digg in my old photos to find my ex Ferrari red 1900SS and post it here
Yeah definitely!!!!
Fancy one of these poker runs i think!

should be last week in august or first week of sept for completion.

Congratulations on reaching 1200!
Missus i think you need to change that avatar its well scary!!:aaahhh:
We put Mercury 200 hp on both mine ex 1900SS and my friends 2100SS we both fitted Land & Sea lifts, foot throttle and Torque shift propeller. 2100SS was faster by 4 knoths but the 1900SS gave softer ride in waves, also is more sexy looking than the old 2100SS design. I miss the old beauty and would love have another one again instead of my Fletcher.
Looking forward to seeing the photo of the red 1900, dig it out and get it on here!:worthy:
I will digg deep over the weekend and have some pics scanned before todays photo technologies

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