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Mar 23, 2004
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ive scratched my gel coat, got a hole about 10mm x 8mm by 4mm deep, how can i repair it and get the colour match as its off white,

also the skeg got damaged at a dealers last summer, what should i fill it with?? ive got the paint for that already

yeah but how do i do it, the suy in the chandlers said gel coat colour matches will not work and i need to used an appropriate coloured filler. is that right
Is the chandlers selling you an epoxy based gelcoat filler (like the stuff in the yellow tubes) or is he selling real polyester gelcoat?

If its a small repair go back to your dealer, he should have the right colour and enough for your aplication.

If its off white, like beige or pearl use some universal tint (brown) and mix small ammounts untill you get the colour you need.
To extend hydrostreams answer you can buy packs of pigment that come with three little tubes of colours. that are all in the same region. (i.e red yellow and Orange so you can get the colur right. they would have something similar for white (off or otherwise)

Also Regal might have some. i am pr4esently doing a few trailer bites on one of my hulls so if you need to have a chat we are based in Saxon Wharf although I wish it was Drivers Wharf.

thanks guys,

the chandler said those mixing pots were no good, i thought maybe i could mix with filler to get the right colour?

stuart when you about i may come have a look see
I am going to be in the yard all week from Tuesday. we have a portacabin opposite the back door of ocean safety.

Also there is a place called trio mouldings in Burridge where I am told they will mix you up some stuff to the right colour.

I used them colour pots when I was fixing my Avon (orange) and was delighted with the result.


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