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Mar 12, 2004
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Avon Searider 8.4mmmm
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Missus could Jackeens cruises organise a round the island cruise (nitetime perhaps?)
Would love to go on an Around the Isle of Wight cruise...think it's a great idea Wave & I know Ruby & Anto are up for it too!!!

Of course they've already done it with Jackso and we've been round on Blue Ice thanks to the Nobsies...

No biggie with the organising lark...I don't mind putting lists together and naggin people (strong personal qualities...BUT I'M NOT BOSSY :( ). And if we dig out the Terminator we can always follow him so we don't even need GPS.

But it would be brill on a sunny calm day....(don't fancy night...LOBSTER POTS etc:aaahhh: )...

Up for it :up: whenever...

RIBEX next...& we should go to cheer Carly on for his race for cancer charity :up:

Missus :wave:
how about the 29th august ,i think there will be a few boats up for it:lol:lol:
August Bank holiday is the Cowes Classic including the Round The Island race (we're after the hat trick as it was cancelled last year as all the 2 litre boats went to Norway!) and the Cowes Torquay Cowes which we will compete in for the first time!

Looking forward to the whole weekend and seeing lots of people there!
Cheering for both of you then (hoping you are in different races)...Is the raceboat OK and how did you do Cooks?

It's ok been working on it today as I'm working tomorow!!!! (another BBC job) - new throttle cable installed and the electric fuel pump changed to a diaphram one, so all should be OK for getting to Ribnet.

We lead early on after a good start and whilst in 2nd place about 45 seconds in front of the 3rd place boat the throttle cable broke. despite attempts to limp round we couldn't get the engine restarted so we had to retire. Luckily we had completed over 70% of the race so we still managed to get some championship points!

The top carb was flooding as well so we didn't have max power but we will be back on form for Ramsgate!

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