Jon Fuller

Mar 12, 2004
Cruising area
South Coast
Boat name
Boat make
Phantom 28
My VHS copy of 'Sea Beasts' 1986 class 1 review arrived this morning.

It fits in nicely with all my other outdated powerboat racing videos :lol:lol:

We need a powerboat video evening, but I'm scared to organise one for fear of being sued, or at least having my position of vulnerability pointed out.

On the subject of liability, who paid for the vital and obviously required insurance when we had the highly succesful 'Distant Rumble' event?
(I only ask coz when a small Gemini RIB came alongside DR in the Medina, it squashed my finger, clearly the fault of the owner/skipper and I've been advised to sue their sorry arses for a new finger):D
"sea beasts" eh??? sounds right up the iron dukes street!!!

Q - is watching vids of powerboat racing any good............Whilst i enjoyed cowes very much....the actually racing was highly insignificat + whenever i watch class one on sky in the early can get tedious watching the same victory boats over & over.

was quite tempted with some OCR DVD's i saw on the go the other month

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