Gumball Rally


Apr 26, 2004
taking me seriously is the first mistake!! xx
Cruising area
Bars with good lookin men
Boat name
just for fun
Boat make
is gotta be big!
:D Most of you will have heard of the Gumball Rally, its a race, no hold on I'll get myself in trouble! It's a Rally across..well wherever really, this one was Paris for a Party and the start flag from the Eiffel Tower, Spain....Real Madrid football club for lunch and then Marbella for a grande buffet and party. Then to the port to get shipped across to Morocco...lunch in Casablanca then to Marrakech for a ball and big party, back through Fez, to a different Port, overnight crossing......
through Barcelona for an enclosure for the Grand Prix but we all missed it because most of us were caught by the police for illegal racing and then another party and then to Cannes for the Start of the film festival, suite in the Carlton a change and lots of cameras and all that ****!!!

For all of you that like fast things, which is all of you reading this.
You should seriously think about next years Rally. My car was a Bentley GT, and I did a leg in porche turbo, either way, we spent a lot of the time at 170mph, broke 2 road blocks and got caught by the cops at the 3rd!!!:hugegrin:

2 Ferraris were wrote off, 2 Porche Turbos, a Viper a Noble and a Cosworth barrell rolled 10 times!! No one was hurt but the king allowed us to have no speed restrictions in Morocco so it was a touch wild!!

165 performance cars, even a few ENZOs and some so rare I'd never even seen them before!! 3000miles over 6 days.

Have a look at my site for all the cars and the was glitz, glamour, fast cars, fast men, fast woman, the best hotels and parties and **** loads of fun!! And good average speeds.....

get a team together next year and come and play. I'm still choosing my car for next year. As long as it doesn't struggle upwards of 150mph then that's cool. But they request it's a 4-wheel drive because its over the desert. My earlier thought of a 360 Spider have been shattered!!!

come and play, its just up your street!!!

Hi Sarah
You seem a little confused again (pmt maybe)((mad cows disease)). This is boatmad not fast car mad. Will we see you at torquay
even after some of this the word performance still means the same!!!
Are you not interested in fast cars? Or can you not get your hands one?
What do you drive, I'm intrigued............

should you ever venture out to the USA to the races, everything all sorts of goes together, bikes, boats, cars......chill and enjoy the experience of performance, come and do a track day with me:D at Silverstone and I'll be your teacher for the day. I'll even let you use the Viper I have for the next month as long as you pay for the tyre change!!! How kind of me.... she's red and well tuned............

you'll love her more than your boat!:laugh:

saretta x
Hey Sarah, things have obviously moved on. I saw you at the wheel of a smart car less than 2 years ago and you looked like a granny driving, vice like grip on the wheel and nose pressed against the windscreen!!!!

Must have taken you ten minutes to reverse out of the parking space at Plymouth, boy, how things change!!!!!!!!:hugegrin:
Where's gArf when you need him, and the forum dog. She's got a thumb up the bum if anyone has.
I think she's got to be introduced to Terminator as 'Transition Woman'...

And Matt behave..what will yer g/f think...

Missus :D
Stop it Matt

you know i get a major bout of the green eyed monster when you post picvs of the ultima....

and i'm too fat to fit in one!

Sitting in my garage at the momment


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Aww. How sweet! :sick: :puker: :sick:
I know. I'm just an old romantic! :D
3 crashes in 10min - feckin PC

its 1/1 scale. along with this......which is much rarer, know what it is?

Your perfectly welcom to the stickies, i did some more today in other colours and also a couple of bigger ones. will be doing some for cars rear windows at some stage.

BTW, me doc has refused me any more consulataions re the blueness of my 1-eyed trouser snake.......:wank: indeed!!


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Wow! It's Noddy's car. Cool! :cool:
Any joy on the boat front?

yes....much joy!!! i'll not say too much coz i've been burned and got upset far tooo many times.

Lets just say that if you know of any cheap boat a 23ft trailer, hydraulic steering, bow tank fittings p/up etc it'd be much appreciated. PM if you like.

Noddy, was in fact my mate Dave, or 'Happy Giraffe' as he is affectionately known....he was well lashed @ that stage.

Full Itinerary

1 x Diablo (which actually left yesterday)
1x Fiat Gammina - noddies wheels
1 x Cherokee sport (for sale)
1 x fiesta
1 x Monkey bike,
2 x fiat pandas, 1 is a 4x4…don’t ask!
1 x Vitara fat boy – pleeeeeese don’t ask!,
1 x Audi
1 x Fletcher
1 x box trailer, containing various shite which includes bombard aerodeck & 15hp Yam
1 x unknown single seater boat
1 x 14ft dateline
1 x sit-on lawnmower

Some other shite as well!

most of the above isnt mine thankfully....but it all gets in my bloody way. The rare motors are a close friends,

I've also had the pleasure of being chief car-polisher to his Rolls Royce Phantom (chasis no.12!!), A Dellage and an original 600hp Rs200 Ford a bad curry........gave me pains in my chest for a week:drain::laugh:
whilst i've just read your post and am chuckling to myself, i haveneee got a clue what custard means??

it a new boat somewhere between 20.5 and 21.5 ft in length that was designed by Steve Baker.