Happy Easter !!!

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Mar 13, 2004
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Happy Easter everyone!!!!

Hope you all have a good break...as it's such a nice day (I'm barely off the WW11 aircraft that does the So'ton - Cork route!!!!!) Jackso & meself are going for a spin. In the Solent. Yummy.

Happy birthday Maria...

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Happy easter to all
Are they still flying the Hawker Siddeley aircrafts out of Soton airport, last time I flew out of there some 22 years ago we flew in one to Jersey
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Oh dear I hadn´t thought you would be used as ballast, well I would like to know what kind of plane you where flying in, please tell me what airline was flying the route
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How is things looking for the poker run today, good weather and sea condition ?
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You are then luckier than us as we are having rain and thick fog in the south today and as I am driving up north in few minuts (6 hours drive each way) and could easliy be longer as it is snowing up north and on the mountain roads. I will be back tonight. Are you going to follow the poker run ?
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Oh, that´s not scary, it´s loads of fun and hopefully I can join in one day on my own boat. Well I am off on the road and hope to see some pictures from the poker run when I get back, and by the way K great pictures from you yesterday. Take care on the water and have fun. Are you in for the party tonight ?
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(For the job I said NO but was then offered another more attempting and challanging position which I am considering at the moment, but no decission given until latter part of April)
That´s right give him and his girlfriend my warmest wishes on the new home and that I look forward meeting him again in June, check with him wether he needs any hands with planning the evening fun I will be volunteering to assist if needed.
Have fun tonight
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Got through the door half an hour ago the weather on the way back not so good snowing most of the way and when we passed the third and last mountain road we had blizzard with nearly no visability and force 7 northerly wind, the good news we where driving south so we had it in the back. It was nicer weather on our way north this morning Ingi Björn took a photo out of the front screen of the pick up truck which was at the front and I will post that tomorrow. Now I am preparing the lunch tomorrow as your "grand daughter" will be celebrating her 20th birthday in 50 minutes (already at your time, due to one hour difference between us now).
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María Erla Bogadóttir, you know daughter og Bogi, that is because we don´t use family names over here, so María Erla it is actually a bird´s name, I will find it out the name in English in a minute and let you know
Here is the bird:
Maríuerla - Motacilla alba - White Wagtail


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thanx for the birthday wishes, it´s great to be twenty ... and out of daddy´s monopolyrule grandma ;)

kv. Maria Erla Bogadóttir

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