He is considerably richer than you (& me)


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Jul 20, 2004
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This is Roman Abramovich's yacht.

The tender is a 68 ft Sunseeker Predator :aaahhh:

Still, money doesn't buy you happiness right?


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Brambles said:

Still, money doesn't buy you happiness right?

Dead right.... but it might help.:)
Brambles said:

Still, money doesn't buy you happiness right?

It certainly doesn't buy you poverty.

The yacht actually has 5 different tenders on this yacht and they are all linked to the main boat's nav system. So the tenders send info from ther transducers which lets the yacht map a very current picture of the harbour bed.

Is it true that Claudio Rannerri is the Maitre de on this boat
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I swear that Roman Abramovich's boat has a front that opens and eats other smaller boats, on his way to world domination. And I bet he has a fluffy white cat.
yep............he's certainly "special" alright............when he quite recently moved out of mummies house, he had to clear both his bedrooms.....

....one of course contained a bed............the other had his pc, playstation, megadrive, 6 yo-yo's, some mr men pencil-tops, 4 transformers and a couloring in panini book.....

he's 25!!

now you know why he's my friend.............well actually he's "hims" friend.....but thats another story!
Him is very likeable

matt the reason why I know about this yacht and it's fleet is that i do do some radar target work for a company called SML tekknolojees.

De core of this work is that you drive a rib in a given direction at a given speed very constantly for about 10 miles. This takes about an hour It was during one of these runs that the man that implemented the system told me all about it

They are developing an Anti rib radar I believ JF has his name down for a proyotype
I thort el minco ginegrominous was the one doin the development work!

or is that the anti rib missile?
Drove an italian boat "Dallapieta" with 50 hp Honda and perfect set up today. The joy of this basic boat is unbelievable! Don't think one has to have the biggest boat to be happy. There are always some that have one which is even bigger. I feel that the most important is to know the limits of your boat and take that in considderation when it comes to evaluate if your boat is a bad or a good one. The condition is also important of course!

I wish to see more boat pics here, can you pleasepost some pics for me.............:facelick:

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