Hello from Sweden!


May 19, 2004
Boat make
Scarab 38KV
Hi guys, I'm the one who posted in that Top Gun/ High-Tech thread on offshorepowerboat.com.

Signed in today and this is my first post here.
Just wanted to say hi.

BTW, very nice to have a cool powerboat site here in Europe.
I did'nt know about it before Jack told us on OBP. :cheers:
Welcome & very nice to see you here.
I'm taking it upon myself to do the welcome bit because I think the Boss is away ...

Alright then how about some pics from Sweden? And is everything thawing out nicely at the moment?

Missus :wave:
38kv seen some of the pics you posted on offshore.... you have some serious boats over there!!!

can you shed some more light on the 38topgun thats for sale over in norway 39 hitec with 400hp cad 300's

someone has told me this was not built in florida but in norway by the company now called Nortech!!
38KV, Welcome to Boatmad ;) , PM me your address and I'll get some Bumper stickers off to you (courtesy of our member 'Captain Kaos') and mebbe we could take Cookee's lead and start a gallery of BM stickers on vehicles around the place :D

Again, Welcome.

Thanks for the welcoming, I will post some pics and some info in the Top Gun/ High-Tech thread later ( in a few days)
I'm quite busy for the moment and don't have time to sit down for one hour or two.

Thanks again for the welcoming.
allooo 83VK i sea dat yew lyke evveryfing fkin lowd an fasst. i ope yew aint gowin too starrt plaiyin eny ov dat ABAB moosik. mynd yew dat agneeta ad a nise arsse

Scottb said:
Jon, Where can I get a sticker?
I want to put it on the raceboat

PM me your address, I'll send you a couple.
jon would my humble boat be worthy of a boatmad sticker??

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