Hello to all you peeps......


Jun 11, 2004
down south
Cruising area
Hello to all, this is my first post so be kind 'PLEASE'

can i make a recommendation???????

how about a 'im new coloum' to welcome new people to the forum and they can introduce them self to all???????
Hi, if your on the Isle of Wight, your technically offshore, so your posting in the correct bit.

Welcome, what sort of boats do you build, powered I would imagine as you've joined this forum.

Tell us a bit about them, and post some photo's!
thank for the welcome.

my company has been going for 2.5 years and we have only made one race boat, the K4+ 6.5 twin tapered stepped rib. we have made lots of other boats but not as the new company.

we have made moulds for sunseaker, panels for marks and Spencer, jockie seats and benchseats for avon and ring,

we also have a new unit in the making witch is a large centre console for the 8.5+ rib witch is a cabin for shelter from the elements.

we are making high wide back bucket seats with stability handles. also a lower back witch has gone in a rollercoatser ride.

made bodykits, bumpers and spoilers for most cars.

we have repaired speed boats and race boats to insurance standards.

i have many pics what did you want to see?
I'm confused...

Are you Adam?

Or do you work for/ with them?

Welcome BTW. Great to see a genuine new person!!!

(But don't expect them to be nice over here. They give me an awful time of it.)

missus:D :D :D

no im not Adam.

if you are thinking of the k4+ rib then I made the last one for him and in the process of making the next. really excellent boat very well designed.
Very nice bot. Paul and I enjoyed the spin very much.
Here's a pic of Ruby Murry and Anto posing on the same boat :up:


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your luky i made the last one and making the next and i have not had a spin yet (still waiting)

i have seen some incredible pics of what the rib can do though and cant wait.
Now if it's a spin in a RIB you want there's lotsa friendly Ribsters over here

and Here

Might be worth joining RIBNET as that boat really appealed to Ribsters,

Missus :up:

i might check the other forums out.

but at the end of the day we all love the frill of the speed on the water! wether in a rib or not?
Couldn't agree more.

Like your attitude. :up:

Hope to see you posting lots as there are a lot of helpful peeps here and on RIBNET.

Missus (I usually talk nonsense BTW)
I think one is a doily Boss...but I'm gettin confused now...

So one doily

Two doilies...

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