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May 23, 2004
Cruising area
Boat name
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Bayliner Bowrider
Force 85
Got back earlier and went to flush the engine (Force 85) but it wont start. It looks like the starter motor is getting jammed upwards and wont come back down. I assume this is stopping the engine from starting.

Has anyone experienced similar, know how to repair it it or know where to get a new starter motor anywhere near Southampton?


Have you tried push starting the boat...just joshing with you. I presume you have given it a good spraying with WD40 and a bashing with a Rubber Hammer.

There are 2 places in Southampton that do fix these things One is called Lavers and they are in West End and the other place is in Millbrook near the TA place.

If you want to bring it to our yard on Sunday then Jasper can have a look at it for you.
Can you turn the motor by hand (by grasping the flywheel)?

Don't jump to too many conclutions about starters and stuff at this stage
OK, thanks for the offer of taking a look, maybe an option, wheres the yard??

And yes it does turn using the big wheel atop of the engine, it was turning over fine when we tried to flush it but it ran out of petrol so popped out to get some more, came back and the thing just keeps sticking.

Have freed it off so it drops back down but as soon as you turn her over she gets stuck up top again.

Will try cleaning/greasing first thing in the mornin and see if that helps.
Well i was hoping but not looking promising, i dont fancy using oars to get about in it!!
Cheers, might change it to Aquabroke
Sizer could you be a bit more precise on the problem as I have a former Force/Mariner/Yamaha technician here with me.
It could be needing grease on the shaft.
Well it was turning over fine, went and got petrol coz it wouldnt start.

Came back, filled up etc...

Tried turning it over and juts made a horrible noise like aknackered start motor does on a car when its stuck, so took lid of engine and cog on starter was up on flywheel on the top of the engine. So we wiggled and jiggled it and freed it up so it dropped down and as soon as we turned the engine over the cog goes upto the top of the starter shaft onto the flywheel and stays up there again making a horrible noise.

Flywheel will move by hand, if you need anything more specific please ask coz im not great with engines, I do however appreciate any help!!!

bogib said:
Sizer could you be a bit more precise on the problem as I have a former Force/Mariner/Yamaha technician here with me.
It could be needing grease on the shaft.
Flat(ish) battery?
jw. said:
Flat(ish) battery?

Did wonder so we whacked some jump leads on there to be on the safe side from a deisel focus. Still the same
Does not sound promising, the coal brushes or the anker is not good and either of them needs to be replaced or if you can source second hand would be an option.

You could though use starter rope and handtruck the engine to start manually, not fancy but an alternative choice beeing able boating over the weekend.

Sorry not bringing better news
Oky doke, cheers for your help and should anyone in the area have a spare they want to sell please post ehre ASAp
are you sure its the starter, sounds like the engine is siezed to me!!! sorry to be the bearer of bad news but some1 has got to say it.
I doubt this has anything to do with the engine according to Sizer´s description the starter top piece is stuck at the flywheel and turns along making noise.

Easy way to find that out is ofcourse as I mentioned earlier to manually start the engine with startrope, not the easiest job to do but worth trying it (I am confident the engine will run relatively smooth as old Force outboards would do (pre Mercury aquired them).

Lets not paint the devil on the wall earlier than neccessary and take his problem step by step.
As JW says, that sounds like a flat battery, or even more likely if it appeard to happen very suddenly, a bad battery connection. Is the horrid sound you speak, of a kind of clattering, or chattering noise?
Like I said before, don't jump to any conclusions at this stage, it's most likely something minor (my money says bad battery, or starter lead connection)

So before you, or anyone goes ripping it appart, connect jump leads direct to engine block and starter solenoid (Ground and POS respectively of course)

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