Help with Boat Identification


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Jun 9, 2004

I was wondering if anyone could please help me?

I recently purchased a boat, and am having trouble identifying it.

I was originally informed by the seller that it was a Fletcher Arrowflyte 14. Having since posted its photos online, I have been told its definately not a Fletcher, but might be a Simms or a Picton.

I'm completely out of my depth here (No pun intended.)

I have put copies of the photos online at here @
(1 - 8 are the main pics, the others are variations)

Any help, or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Yours gratefully,

NOT a Fletcher

Looks quite similar to a Pirahana i think they're made by cetus or someone like that?
Agreed, it's not a Fletcher, but I'm afraid I have no idea what make it is, tis similar to a Marina, but that's all I can add.

PS. they are some big photo files on that site Snowpup! I assume you have broadband.
its not a simms or picton,agree with jon could be a marina or castlemarine comet
What ever it is looks like it could do with some more HP :D
Any chance its an early Concord, I knew a guy at Allhallows that used to race Concords many years ago.
I know I know!!!

Yep it's a concorde, Fiesta I think! What length is it? Built in Pembrokeshire, I used to live right beside concorde boats when I was going to college.

Put a 75 on it and you WILL be impressed but change that steering to cable.
Lynn (the designer) is a smart guy and that is one quick boat.
Very nice clean boat....same fecking problem as my boat though...

There isn't even room for a fart inside!!