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Mar 13, 2004
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Just commenced construction on another 24sport for a discerning northern gent.

Polished the moulds on Friday, gelled and skincoated on Saturday, main layup today!

Deck mould gelled.


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Hull skincoated


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Hull laminates in and ready for structures!


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Matt said:
You don't waste time do you! :D

I think there are quite a few people that would disagree with that statement, but what the hell, I sleep well at night.
The biggest holdup is caused by suppliers, and the customer making decisions. My numerous holidays don't help either apparently!!

I'm off to Madeira in a week, going Saga coz of me age:D

Here's a sneaky pic of the rib, just before Paul Tilley took it away for toobing!


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wasting time

Actually Tony,

you do seem to jog along at a fair pace. I see why you refer to this game as your hobby. Coz, if this was your proffesion, you'd just talk a good game, spend most of your time stairing at the moulds and never return calls to any prospective customers enquiries:angry:

its ok everybody, the bitterness is starting to wear off!

rib looks another fine job, makes you realise how puny they are without tooobs.

BTW just read the above, none of that aimed at tony, incase it sounded that way!
Been busy chopping up a tree, but we now have engine bearers and transom in!


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And the foam stiffening in the foredeck.


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Spent all day Saturday glassing the bits in.


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Foredeck stiffening over laminated. Next job is to pull the mouldings, trim & join them and then laminate them together.


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I am Serious

This is a serious question I'm not taking the piss.......Thought it best to get that out of the way!

Your engine bearers look like they are made out of half inch marines ply (13mm to you non Saga people) how much engine (s) will this support. Does a lot of glass go over to make it stronger
Poor old fella, they say it's the eye's that fail first, but I sometimes think it's the brain!!!:hugegrin:

The engine beds are made from 2 x 18mm marine ply, bonded together with 2 x 450gm csm. They are then overlaminated with 3 x 450gm csm and 2x 425+425+300 combi. They end up being approx 2" thick and pretty strong!!
That seems sturdy enuff

You Nobber have you only just realised my brain is gone!

Thanks for the education Would it be safe to call that an 'Advanced Laminating Technique'

You got the dt's this morning, Waiv?
tony davis said:
made from 2 x 18mm marine ply, bonded together with 2 x 450gm csm. They are then overlaminated with 3 x 450gm csm and 2x 425+425+300 comb

wot hee meens iz dat itt iz lamminatid byakksial anndrekks bogg rowl

I expect the 300 combs will make it pretty strong
The pointy end stiffening under the bit you sleep on!


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jw. said:
You got the dt's this morning, Waiv?

No buddy. actually I rarely drink it's just when I start i don't like to stop and theres always some rsole with a digi cam and an enema syringe waiting for me to flake out.

The reason why I asked Tony if it was an advanced laminating technique is that is an expression often used by Falcon

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