Here's a couple nice race shots


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May 5, 2004
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Middle boat

did the crew on that boat suddenly become very wet a few seconds after that shot was taken?
Note the always dead level V24! them Ocke jobs are summit!
Ockely dokely


just think, with your expertese, my gung-ho attitude + the time i've spent screwin around looking at piles of shite, we could have done that monohull!:jaw:
ickle lies

I know....Jons full of ****! never seen an engine in his life...

where as i'm a boat purchasing machine!
The white Warlock on top and the Black Pantera heading in nose first were battling the whole race for the lead and finished real close 1st and second. The Ocke boat(over hear they are Reindl One desighn) is in a slower class and was probably being lapped at the time of the picture. Your right, I have never seen one nose high. This year the Reindle boats will be equipped with 496 HO motors and run low 90's. an upgrade from the small blocks of last year. Reindl racing leases them by the season or race. They come with pit crew, entry fees, meals, rooms etc. all you have to do is show up
Over here they run 76mph with 320 small blocks/volvo DPX, but they run 76 in most anything!

PS. Ocke is the designer.
Jon, They are sweet and that is exactly what the speeds were last rear with the volvo DPX. I am actually very familiar with the desighn and fell in love with the boat in the late 90's when Ocke showed them in Miami. When he sold the right to make them in the US to Armada I put a deposit on a 28. Armada went under with my $ then I bought a Pantera. As far as I know Chris Reindl then worked a deal to start building them over here under the name Reindl Powerboats and that is where the lease program started
Unbelievable Design by Ocke is all I can say
The 28 is used in Europe in our UIM class IIID (4 litre, usualy twin merc XR2's, 2 x 200hp), they run mid 80's and are simply awsome in the rough.
whys that jon, is it just the hull or is it vee vings!!
'V' vings!
dunno to be honest, the ribs built by Mark Pascoe using this hull have very similar performance, so I guess it's mainly the hull form.

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