Hey Stu

It was good fun. wasn't it....I didn't enjoy the photo session after much.


Good news re me running round the Solent with bits falling off my boats is the

Scorpion is fixed and We have sourced the Drive plate for Billy also
should have it in a fortnight...diesel power here I come.
Exactly what could you possibly know about owning boats when you only have three second hand ones to look after. CH is an expert, he studied every sales brochure for hours gleaning every last snippet of information, used his project management skills to reject possible risky ventures and finally settled on a £300k Euromutter in Aliminium as the ideal material to build a boat to cruise round the Carribean in.

Oh, and he has 2 weeks to produce this thing or he owes me a Magnum of champs.

Don't forget TD has a tale to tell on this subject!
Ooh scandal perhaps ?

He should be back shortly from Mederia, could he have sighted the Euromutter on her way across the Atlantic by chance?


U R all bad boys.

Then of course, there were the pics


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You better believe it!
jon fuller said:
Don't forget TD has a tale to tell on this subject!

Hi folks, it´s your Madeiran correspondent here. It´s fecking hot, with loads of food and ice cold beer!!!! They sure know how to make a fat man very happy!

As for the Ch story, I´ve been holding back coz I wanted to get the facts certain, but JF can´t wait much longer, I´m worried he might explode, so this is it so far........

A friend of mine who I do a bit of business with phoned me last week and asked if I knew a "crazyhorse".

It seems that he was in a taxi recently being driven by the man himself, and the conversation came round to boats. He told my mate all about the Eurocommuter, and even asked him if he´d like to fly out to Canada with him to take a look at it.

Since the first meeting he´s been back to my pals place to chew the fat and have a nose round.....

Not very exciting really but it´s nice to know he´s still alive, and terminator will be pissed in a couple of weeks on a magnum of champagne!!!!

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