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Jul 1, 2004
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thinking of changing my prop as the 23p seemes to be reving to high my mate found a high five 25p which has five blades what are these for are there any advantages or disadvantages and is it any good for my p21
Matt said:
Good for skiing. Bad for top speed.

What revs are you turning? I believe Carl had a 22" laser II on his one with an xr2.

twoz a P20
ski'd off a picton with a high 5, pull a house down, tons of grip!

Quicksilver say 3-5% top-end loss.............thats bull! its more than that!
i ran a 23 pitch high 5 on 350 magnum engine,no loss of top speed but dropped revs by 500 rpm
ally 23 pitch 4 blade.
my mate has a ring 21 with a cossie 275 on the back, he runs a 23 pitch high five we tested some other props on monday and found

high 5 good hole shot bit of a handful top end 63.5MPH GPS'd
worked laser II 22.75 pitch ok hole shot easier to control top end 63.8MPH
worked ET 22.5 pitch rubbish hole shot (loads of slip), hard to hang onto top end but 64.9MPH

all three props were tested one after another with no other changes.
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very informative thx burty, although i got to admit.....I'd have guessed a 21 Ring with THAT lump would have gone a wee bit faster than that!

but hell, what do i know!
we thought it should too.
it coughed and spat a bit when first reving
cyco is going to pull the carbs apart and have a look
I'm sure he can get the beast doing over 70!

Never met cye, but i hear he knows a thing or 2!
he sure does, yes sir re bob.;p;
his attention to detail is supurb,
mine is being Cyco'd at the moment.:banana:
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I dont recall APACHE looking like it was gonna be short on pace!

are you fkin mental??? or is CYCO just making her more pleasing to the eye?
just having a refit to the interior,

trim indicator
foot throttle
foot rest
trim switches
new trim tabs
jack plate
engine intake spacer
fuel tank with sump
and loads of other little bits

i'll post some pics when its done
id recomend a high five on my limited experience, i got a 22ft 1500kg step hull boat with merc 4.3 alpha 1. had an 21"ally prop and swapped for 21" high five, hole shot was amazing for such a heavy boat that kinda gets sucked onto the water at low rpm, i can plain 3mph slower, cruise 5mph same comfort, turns on rails now and i lost less than 1mph top end by my crude comparisons

not similar to ur boat i know..

try solas steel developments i think they will let u try before u buy!!

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