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Mar 24, 2004
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Is anyone going to Guernsey to see the first 2004 Honda race.
YES i'm going it will be grrrrreat:up: :up: :up: :up:
Well anyone going or what? or just Relic Power. Was gonna go but might be lonely:brown:
Na! Cant be bothered - will be more fun going to the Beaulieu boat jumble on Sunday. At least I can have a laugh and see how many Do-nuts Mr Davis buys!:bolt:
The forecast for this weekend looks fantastic - a great big high over most of the UK!
Gloious Press Release!

What about this folks! The latest press release from Pacific Heights!


Let the racing begin!

Condor Ferries Grand Prix of Guernsey
24-25 April 2004

'Let the racing begin!' was the headline of the Guernsey Press on September 10 1993. The accompanying pictures showed the 2-litre powerboat 'Lord of the Rings' leaping out of the water through the Gouliet Passage, Guernsey and then crashing back down, submerging the bow of the boat. The driver of 'Lord of the Rings' was Rory Power alongside navigator Debra France. This weekend (April 24-25 2004), both Power and France are back in Guernsey as powerboat racing resumes on the island after an 11-year gap. Thirty Honda Formula 4-Stroke race boats accompanied by a ten-strong Thunderduck powerboat fleet are undertaking final preparations for the first ever Condor Ferries Grand Prix of Guernsey.

Power and France will be on the island in two completely different guises. Rory Power is Event Director for the Grand Prix and will be safely on land, overseeing both the racing and other activities taking place this weekend. Debra will be navigating alongside Shelley Jory in the new all-female team 'Raymarine' which will be contesting the 2004 Honda Formula 4-Stroke 225hp championship.

"I am looking forward to returning to Guernsey," comments France. "I have fond memories of racing there - strange considering that after those Guernsey Press photographs were taken Rory and I were forced to retire from the race as I thought the impact had broken my arm!

"I'm not sure how much my status as the only Honda competitor to have raced in Guernsey will help us in the title chase," continues France. "The course I raced previously was a huge offshore marathon - 75 miles long. This weekend we'll be competing over a three-mile circuit, tight into Havelet Bay, so spectators can keep abreast of the action. My knowledge of the waters around Guernsey may give us a small advantage but it'll be a welcome one - although Shelley and I have separately raced powerboats for years, we only formed the team a fortnight ago so our first 'test' will also be our first race!"

Event Director Rory Power is also enthusiastic about his return visit to Guernsey. "There's no doubt that Guernsey is a beautiful race location and an ideal one considering its island status and impressive powerboat racing history," explains Power. "It has also been a great event to organise and I must thank Condor Ferries, Visit Guernsey, the Guernsey Yacht Club and all of the local people for providing such valuable assistance and for being so accommodating.

"Although this weekend will be very different to those in previous years, we hope it will be no less impressive," continues Power. "The Honda Formula 4-Stroke and Thunderduck racing should provide spectators with some true nail-biting competition while on land the Island FM roadshow and Honda product displays should keep visitors entertained.

"We have also just had confirmation that Honda's crazy new solo aerobatic act, the Honda Power of Dreams plane, will be taking to the skies above Guernsey as a finale to Sunday's Honda Formula 4-Stroke races. All in all, the Condor Ferries Grand Prix of Guernsey will be an unmissable event."

Does anyone have Rory & Debs full racing CV - What exactly have they done?
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who's an angry man then!!!!!!!:*******: :aaahhh: :argue: :speechles :wotzhapni :duell:
Quote from Diesel Diggler:

does anyone have Rory & Debs full racing CV - What exactly have they done?

Rather think if you contact the RYA Powerboat Division they should have reference to any known and factual achievements that anyone has done.

Contact person is Sheila Wright.:
What would be good is to know...........

Who has been the most successful FEMALE racer in the UK and won most titles?:hugegrin:

Now that would be interesting to find out?:facelick:
Tracy Clark?
Fiona Brothers?
Pat Ainge?
Vicki Crump!!!!:D :D :D

Countess of Arran was pretty good in her day.
Gina Campbell
Sarah Donahue
Noel Edmonds!
Mr Davis,

Noel Edmonds?????? Four times World Champion Steve Curtis has far more strawberry blonde golden locks than him! better looking, actually quite attractive some of the lads said!:laugh:

Seriously Tracie Clarke has won a World Championship has any other in Offshore and I think beats the rest, what about circuit etc?? More info needed!!!!!!:hugegrin:
Ear 2the ground said:
Mr Davis,

Noel Edmonds??????

Well, he is a bit of a tart, and has a wonderful claim to fame.

When racing in Great Yarmouth many years ago in a 36 Bonito "Miss Pearlcorder", he bounced off the pier and then collided with some yachts!!

He later went on to getting conned by an acquaintance of mine out of a large sum of money to try to set a new immersed propeller speed record!
:bolt: Upse! sorry - must be 5 times Wold Champion

Good to see you at the Beaulieu Boat Jumble - Wouldn't be the same without you and Mr Davis!:worthy:
Well plenty of trailered Honda boats waitin in St Peter Port docks to come home when I came through there today, however, not much publicity left about the place now.........
Ear 2the ground said:
[BGood to see you at the Beaulieu Boat Jumble - Wouldn't be the same without you and Mr Davis! [/B]

Don't recall seeing you at Beaulieu Fi !!!
tony davis said:
Don't recall seeing you at Beaulieu Fi !!!


You were right, Fi was at Allhallows doing the commentary for the racing, whilst her daughter was racing! She recieved a special award for gobbing off from Anne Robinson:drain:

But I was at the Beaulieu Boat Jumble and saw you both there:worthy:

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