Jon Fuller

Mar 12, 2004
Cruising area
South Coast
Boat name
Boat make
Phantom 28
Here's a bit of vid nicked from speedwake.

According to the driver, they were running close to 90 running up to the turn, and about 70 at the point they leave!

it don't look like 90 to me, but it's hard to judge from video.


Nice Hook
OK, that was a windows media video V9 file.

Here's a flash version of it (a bit grainy, but it is only 1.2m)

Click here

If you download WMV Version 9 (you'll need it sooner or later anyway) the other version is a lot clearer.
I like that.

:D :D
what boat was that?

Nice video.:)
I think, but I'm not 100% certain that it's a Cigarette Gladiator, which are getting a bit of a reputation for that kind of thing!!!
That was a Cigarette Gladiater, in Marothon Fl back in May.
Both unhurt. Boat is the former F2 boat Team Virgin
The oul stepped hull monster rearing it's ugly head!

You can see it starting to slide, just as his ring tightens up a bit!

Scott, so that's a 36 Gladiator, with what..500's or 525's? set up for racing, no doubt pretty light with feck all nonsense in the boat, running they say upper 80's, so how is it the 42' on an OSO thread with 525's, fully kitted out, manages 85! that's a lot more boat to drag up to mid 80's. (see "my visit to the Cig factory" thread.

have a look Here post #7
Brilliant, ejector seats on a racing boat, is that to get out quick if a spectator gets on the course and in your way ? :no:

Johnson, That boat was originally raced and set up by Tres Martin
Team Virgin, The boat will GPS beetween 92 and 94 MPH w/ 525's
Total race setup.
PS. It doesn't like people, it spit out its last 2 owners as well

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