how much mister boat builder man


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Mar 23, 2004
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how much mister boat builder type guys (adam?? anyone??) for a custom built console to fit a rib... similar to the old vulture ventures 8m or euro inboard mpl sr9 split console. Im fed up with not being able to find a rib without shelter and want something that looks boat like instead of diver fellow styleee.. I got several well made ribs in mind for hull and tubes so really interested in an after market one off... trying to cost all in.

Ta glen
£30 an hour, for as long as it takes!
No he isn't...... he just hasn't said that it takes 'em two hours (chargeable) just to get a brew on....:D
Ah!!! but i bet he charges for "curing" time too:hugegrin:
and how long do you rekon it would take an experienced chap at £30. and i dont mean to make a tea ;) or is that a bit of a how longs a piece of string question?
less than £5k??
glen76 said:
less than £5k??

Depends, if yu want a pukka job then you are looking more like £6K, depending on size and design..........Very hard to give prices without seeing proposed product drawings etc.....
Get a wide one, cut it down the middle and stick two sides on it. Easy.:hugegrin: